Games That Are So Good You Bought Then Twice

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Battlefield: Cad Company 2 PS3 and PC. My friend had recently bought a PS3 and this game, and I bought it to play with him. 2 weeks later he shotguns the console. About a month later we buy it again for PC, and he promptly goes back to WoW and the new CoD (the first one that came out after BC2)

Resident Evil 2: Bought it with my N64, bought it again on Gamecube so that I had ALL the RE games on Gamecube.

LoZ: A Link to the Past: bought it for SNES for $1, bought it again for GBA

That's it unless you count remakes

Company of heroes, + all expansions. Borrowed from friend, then pirated, then bought on disk, then pirated again, then bought for steam.

Civ 4, pirated, bought on disk, pirated again, bought again.

Jagged alliance 2, pirated + bought multiple times.

Hearts of iron 2 and 3 + expansions, also pirated + bought multiple times.

Max Payne 1 and 2, pirated first then bought twice.

Football manager 2009, pirated, bought, then bought as gift for friend.

PES 4, bought first, then pirated to play on USB.

Some games are just worth the money, while most others you just pirate, play a couple of hours, and never touch it again, and think it was a complete waste of time and bandwidth pirating it in the first place. Yes I know I can get demo instead of pirating, but it's better to get the whole thing. Really pirated games offers a lot of advantages a bought game doesn't have. The ability to play without disk and no internet connection, the ability to keep the game installed on a USB stick and just plug and play (Warcraft 3 / DOTA / Starcraft). Also community tech support is sometimes better for a pirated game then for the actual bought version... ... the Chinese version of Warcraft 3 for example.

Seriously developers need to provide better functionality to stop piracy, not just shove piracy = stealing campaigns down our throats. It would be good if all PC games can be installed multiple times on whatever disk you want and offer true plug and play, and a green install with no unnecessary add-ons, and don't have ridiculously high requirements.

Oblivion holds this record: the only game I have purchased four times for the same system. I loved the game, but I hated saving constantly. Every time I forget to save, and the game froze, I lose hours of progress! I get so pissed, I storm off and sell the game.

And then I crave that open-world RPG again.

Wash, Rinse, repeat.

i actually bought the witcher 3 times, almost bought the witcher 2 twice. bought ME1 twice

Fallout 1 and 2 I first bought both of them on their respective release dates, then i probably let a friend borrow them or something and bought them again as a bundle at walmart, then later when i got a new computer it was incompatible so i bought them both off Good Old where it sits today in my computer. I love those games ^_^

psychonauts, baten katios, and tales of symphonia

i sold them when i was young and stupid and when i wanted to play them again i rebought them

although i am tempted to buy king of dragon pass on pc (i currently have on ipod)

Hmm, well...
3 x Half-Life 2 (PCx2 and Xbox)
2 x MGS3 (PS2x2)
2 x Half-Life 2 EP1 (PC)
2 x LoZ:OoT (Nintendo and 3DS)
2 x SW Battlefront 2 (PSP and PS2)
2 x Skyrim (PC and PS3(Exchanged it for DR2))
2 x Plants vs Zombies (Xbox 360 and iPod)

And thats all I can remember.

I just got my 3rd copy of Persona 3 (regular on PS2, Portable on PSP, and FES on PSN). I also got copies of Mass Effect 2 for 360 and PS3 (bought it new the second time once the price came down for all the DLC). Also Majora's Mask for N64 and then for Virtual Console

3 copies of Alpha Protocol. Whenever I lend it out, I can never get it back.
Also bought Planescape Torment twice.

The first game to come to mind is the original Deus Ex. I bought it once many years ago in disk form and recently on Steam. I also bought the PC version of Mass Effect then the Xbox version about six months later. I own ME 2 on PC and Xbox but the PC copy was a gift from EA. I might get ME3 on PC when the price comes down then I'll have the whole series on both platforms.

i've lost track.. I go through my steam friends list at christmas and buy people games from their wish lists..

I considered buying Dragon Quest IX again, but only to have another save slot.

I've bought Mario Kart: Double Dash for Game Cube three times, as it happens...

Once as it came out when I was living in Norway.
Once when I was living in the US and had a US GC.
And once again here in Britain, though used.

fallout 3. once on ps3. GOTY edition on pc. the jak and daxter series. the sly cooper series. Infamous. ace combat 5. Need for Speed most wanted. ace combat 4. mass effect 2. Call of Duty Modernwarfare 2(gasp.)

Note: the only reason the jak and daxter and the sly cooper series were rebought was because my ps2 died so i got the collections on the ps3.

Bioshock,I own it for all three systems. I also own two copies of The Orange Box for 360,& one for pc.Plus I bought TF2 (before it was FTP) for my other 2 Steam accounts. I re-bought MW2 for the pc(steam sales ;p) after my 360 disk broke from loaning it to the wrong person...I tried MP twice & deleted it(pc version=hacker heaven)

Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3,4 and the whole Jak and Daxter trilogy as well as Rayman 3

Fallout 3.

I bought it on Steam, then a retail copy, then all the DLC's from retailers, then the GOTY edition, which is the game and all DLC's on one disk, from a retailer, all for PC.

Never gave a fuck. Life-changing game.

True story: I once got drunk and then gave away all my games to a roommate, who was moving back to his home state in just a week or two (from Charleston, SC to NotCharleston, Virginia). My 360 was currently dead and I was very busy back then, so I didn't remember I had done that until he had already moved.

The ones I ended up buying again:
-Mass Effect 1 and 2
-Red Dead Redemption
-Dragon Age: Origins
-Assassin's Creed 2
-Alpha Protocol

Yeah, I tend to give things away when I'm drunk.

Most recently I bought Dark Souls for both my xbox and PS3 and I guess I will be getting the PC version too.

I also bought Skyrim for my xbox and then PC because I do love a second play through with mods.

I bought Warraft III The Frozen Throne twice because my disk broke and the no-disc-required-patch hadn't come out yet. Both for PC thou.

I got Demon stone for the Ps2 and then when my Ps2 upped and joined the choir invisible I ended up getting a PC version under the assumption that I wouldn't bother replacing it. I since have done.

Minecraft is the only one ive bought more than once, and planning on buying again. I bought it on pc, IPhone and when it comes out on the 360 I'll get it again. ITs probably the only game worthy of that, of course teh systems are radically different, but its not like id buy assassins creed on both the 360 and pc. dont see the point really.

I never really bought a game more than once. I rented Splinter Cell: Conviction, then used a free game coupon on it later. The closest I've come to buying a game more than once is MMOS. I bought two copies of Ultima Online and three copies of World of Warcraft for multiple accounts.

Well, I got Left 4 Dead 2 on Xbox when it came out, and then quite recently on PC as well.
I got the Orange Box on Xbox, and later built up all the games of which it is comprised on Steam. When Skyrim came out, I got it for my birthday on Xbox and then bought the PC version for myself. I have Bioshock on Xbox and my Dad bought it on our shared Steam account as well. I think that's it...

Oh yeah, and I sold Oblivion once then got it again later.

Also my Fallout 3 disc became inexplicably burnt (apparently by the disc tray...) so I treated myself to the GOTY edition.

Just Cause! I originally bought it for the Xbox but then the Xbox 360.

Not sure if it counts as "so good you bought them twice" but whatever...

I've got:
2x Half-Life 2
2x Garry's mod
2x Rainbow Six 3 Gold
2x Neverwinter Nights 2

For LAN multiplayer purposes (yep, my friends are cheapskates)

Furthermore I got 2 copies of Oblivion; Retail PC and the GOTY on Steam since it was cheaper to buy the GOTY than the retail version of thew Shivering Isles expansion.

Also multiple copies of various Zelda games on multiple platforms.

Audiosurf and Oblivion. The first one because it was on sale, it's awesome and I wanted to have an extra copy to gift someone. Oblivion because I first bought it on 360 because my PC was outdated. Then I finally got it on PC later anyway when I managed to upgrade.

Psychonauts for 360 and PC
Cthulhu Saves the World for 360 and PC
Fallout 3/NV for 360 and PC

I prefer the PC version for all of them

Diablo 2, I bought that game 5 times. First when it First come out. Then my CD got worn out and had to buy a battle chest, Repeat that 4 more times. :D


Reparations for Piracy

Haha, I've done that before too.

OT: Bioshock, one for PC and one for PS3 so I could get a platinum.
I accidentally bought two Mark of Kri copies because I forgot I already had one.
I just bought Jak and Daxter HD for the HD and trophy support.

I bought and sold Red Dead Redemption then regretted it and purchased it again. Love that game and no I refuse to do John's last mission again, fool me once shame on you. On the other hand I purchased Too Human a second time because my friend was still playing it and it was $5.

I have

2x Mass Effect 1 (collectors and normal)
3x Mass Effect 2 (collectors, normal, and PC)
2x Fallout 3 (360 and PC)
2x Kotor (Xbox and PC)
2x Oblivion (original PC and GOTY PC)

Not sure if it counts but I do have 2 WoW accounts up to Cataclysm. (only 1 active though)

I bought three copies of Oblivion, one on each platform. Same with Portal 2. I bought Portal 2 on PS3 at launch, mostly for the Steam code, of course then the PSN went done so I traded it and got it on PC instead. Then on 360 for co-op fun.

So far only San Andreas & Lego Star Wars but I'm waiting for Steam sale(s) to pick up Fallout 3, New Vegas and X-COM (Enemy Unknown) for PC.

Bought Timesplitters 2 and Future Perfect on the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube.

I fucking love Timesplitters.

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