What 3 games have you played the longest?

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3:Tie between Civ series or SimCity series

Yeah... casual...

3. Banjo Kazooie
1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Majora's Mask would be in, but I thought three 64 games were too many, even if it is THE BEST ZELDA

1. World of Warcraft
2. Oblivion
3. Fallout 3

Going to have to say Minecraft, since our server is telling me that over the two years I have been playing this I have played over one real month of time. That totally blows my mind. So my list would be:

2.Resident Evil 4

Yes, Resident Evil beats Oblivion, but only because I have gone through that game nearly 30 times entierly. It's just one of the closest examples I have seen to a perfect game.

World of Warcraft (yeah... many days)
Medieval 2 (awesome game)
Age of Empires 3 (most of my adolescent years)

1. Battlefield 2

2. Empire Total War(w Darthmod Ultimate Commander)

3. IL-2 Sturmovik( with UP 3.0 mod)

Sid Meier's Pirates! The exclamation mark is part of the title. This is probably my most played game of all time.

Jagged Alliance 2, the premier TB tactical squad RPG human resources simulator thingy of all time.

Civ 2. The game that almost destroyed my life. Just...one...more...turn...

Seems like it's StarCraft, Super Smash Bros. and Majora's Mask for me.

Mine are strange ones that you wouldn't expect to spend so much time on, longest would be

1) Half-Life 2

Back in my teenage nerdy days I used to count how many times I finished the game and was proud of it. I believe it was something like 43 times when I stopped counting.. no joke. Plus, adding in all the time I spent on the Deathmatch (god I used to be amazing at the game, never lost) and we are probably into the 1000 hour mark.

2) Mafia

Did the same thing for this game (I really have changed now.. lol) and I think this was also about 30 times, the game is longer than HL2, but no MP to waste more time with, and the Freeride modes I never cared for.

3) Mass Effect 2

...probably. I've finished all the ME games more than once, but ME2 clocks in at 4 times. 4 x 30 hours = 120 hours. For a recent game and my current lifestyle that's pretty hefty, and its the only thing that comes close to the other 2.

Warcraft 3 (only because I'm including the editor)

World of warcraft is probably close

1) Counter-strike (from beta 5.0)
2) Rainbow 6: Vegas 2
3) Driving sims, between Gran Turismo and Forza franchises

1. Pokemon

2. World of Warcraft

3. Endless Ocean (only the first one)

1) Maplestory
2) The Sims
3) The Sims 2

Probably makes me look totally lame.

According to Steam, L4D2, Dungeon Defenders, TF2.

Ocarina of Time
Final Fantasy 4
Angry Birds

Team Fortress 2 - 2200+ hours
The Matrix Online - 1700+ hours
Star Wars Galaxies - 450+ hours

Hmm well i'm not sure how many hours I have on almost any of my games but I think FFX has around 3k hours on it between 2 or 3 saves. Since my brother oh so kindly deleted my completionist save so I had to restart, from scratch, that bastard.

Then I would say Suikoden 3, followed by a tie between Suikoden 1 & 2. Since I play these games at least once a year. Although if I could count it I might have to bump the .Hack games into there but since that's a 7 game series I don't think it counts :p

1. World of Warcraft. Easily. Don't know how many days, but it's a lot.

2. Modern Warfare 2. I played the everloving hell out of the multiplayer with friends.

3. League of Legends. Great game, toxic community, again played heaps with friends.

Easily Mass Effect 2. Again and again and again and again. Followed by ME1.
Coming in a distant third is Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition.

Pokemon gameboy versions
Tales of Symphonia
and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for PC

1) Left 4 dead
2) Starcraft: Broodwars
3) Left 4 dead 2 or minecraft im not sure

1. Tf2 (over 1000 hours)
2. Sven Co-op (Half-life mod, 1000-3000 hours I have no idea)
3. Oblivion (over 500 hours)

I may have more hours on some game I don't remeber but I think this is right.

In no particular order,

Dawn of War,
Fallout 3 (goty + modded)
Oblivion (goty + modded)

Closely behind is one of the pokemon games which I've forgotten this very instant...

Spyro The Dragon
Sonic Adventure 2 (Chao's...those cute jiggly little morphable bundles of joy just wouldn't let me put it down)
Fable (Was pretty much addicted for a year)

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Metal Gears Solid 3

I did a recent add up of all the time I've spent playing Final Fantasy 7 and 8, and it comes out to something like 2000+ hours each. To explain, I have beaten them over 20 times each and started games countless other times. I also tend to max out the clock when I play. As for MGS3 I can't figure out a time span, but I know that I have played that a crap ton of times.

My ultimate time sinks would have to be:

1)Madden 08/10
2)Battlefront II
3)Marvel Ultimate Alliance

...then comes all the handheld Pokemons

1: World of Warcraft by a huge margin
2: Diablo 2
3: Probably Oblivion I think, although Skyrim is pretty close to it.

As a franchise I actually believe Final Fantasy beats all of the above except WoW, but thats over the entire franchise, so doesn't exactly count, but I still felt it worth mentioning.

Mass Effect 1 and 2: Let's see, I've done around eight playthroughs in both Mass Effect 1 and 2 (8 each game), averaging at 40 hours... That's over 300 hours in each game. Fuck yeah.

Skyrim: I'm pushing 200 hours in that, I'll probably hit 300 over the summer once classes are over (COME AT ME FINALS).

1)League of legend
2)Team fortress 2
3) world of warcraft

I tend to move on from a game like zelda after beating it twice(or looting everything)so my most played game are all either multiplayer(see my top 3) or massive single player time sinks (Most strategy games with a good amount of replayability like Total war)

Final Fantasy XI - 214 days recorded playtime. *cough* 5,136+ hours played, quit 4 years ago though :l
Diablo 2 - LADDER CLIMB. Over 10,000 chaos runs done. Well over 500 hours.
Ragnarok Online - /shame.

Final Fantasy XI - 214 days recorded playtime. *cough* 5,136+ hours played, quit 4 years ago though :l
Diablo 2 - LADDER CLIMB. Over 10,000 chaos runs done. Well over 500 hours.
Ragnarok Online - /shame.

1) Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
2) Kingdom Hearts II/Final Mix + (time is the same)
3) Starcraft II or Mirrors Edge

1) TF2... 800+ hours. I'll make it to a thousand one day!
2) Sid Miers Civilization 4 (if you include the expansions)
3) Suikoden 2, an old classic - went through that game quite a few times, still love it for the story and great game-play.

Longest as in raw playtime, or longest as in the most fun out of?

For former...

1) Guild Wars
2) Final Fantasy X
3) World of Warcraft

Total Hours invested:
1) Dragon Age: Origins
2) Mass Effect 2
3) League of Legends

I don't think I need to explain why neither ME3 nor DA2 are on that list.

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