Cazadors, Deathclaws, or Feral Ghoul Reavers?
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60.4% (221)
28.4% (104)
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Poll: Cazadors, Deathclaws, or Feral Ghoul Reavers?

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Alpha Deathclaws are hell. They catch you, you're dead. At least cazoardors drop like flies with a flamethrower. High level deathclaws can take a rocket blast to the face. I don't go up against deathclaw without stealthboys and alot of mines.

Cazadors. Screw them.

Deathclaws are easy, Feral Ghoul Reavers are easy. A Cazador though...

I only played Fallout 3 (never New Vegas), but I only found Deathclaws intimidating until I got the Dart Gun. That just kills them - a Deathclaw with no legs can't get to melee, so I'd just orbit them, taking potshots until they keel over.

Reavers are worse - when my character can't get a sneak attack headshot.

...What is a Cazador?

Basically a Giant Wasp that attacks with a stinger of course, the thing that makes them so deadly is that they are very fast, can poison you, and they attack in swarms, 1 can be a hassle, but 5 at once are a nightmare, I find them much more of a problem than Deathclaws and Reavers, at least they have the courtesy to stand still enough to target points on them in real time

Not even a close call.

Deathclaws aren't a big deal. Apart from the Legendary Deathclaw and possibly the Alpha/Matriach, they were never THAT dangerous by the time you're a decent level. Only real threat is their armour-ignoring claws and leap. Cripple them, they're useless. At range, they're useless.

Feral Ghoul Reavers aren't dangerous, they're just absolute ammo sponges. Just keep pumping rounds into them and they will EVENTUALLY go down.

Cazadors, on the other hand, are fuckers. They're faster than you at all times, come in larger groups than the other ones, have more mobility, can chase you up edges easier, and poison you with a decidedly dangerous toxin.

I have a lot of trouble fighting the Reavers. They are tough sons O' bitches. Im blasting them with everything i have and the fucker is still standing but they are not the worst though.

The absolute worst threat in Fallout 3/New Vegas are none other than the fucking ALBINO RADSCORPION. I swear to god, these fuckers are extremely powerful and they can easily survive a mini nuke. When i see one, i don't waste my time and i just start running he'll stop chasing me eventually.

With my mod, Deathclaws are the scariest fuckers ever. You can kill them with just a few rounds from even a 5.56x45mm weapon, but they are quiet and one-hit kill you 90% of the time. Cazadors are annoying, but if you have a 20g shotty, they are easy to mop up, although if they hit you, the poison is a real big bitch.

Cazadors, bar none.

Deathclaws are wicked but only when they get close. Feral Ghoul Reavers are bad considering how damned strong they are (AND hard to hit), but they can be stopped by a fatman (And are usually worth the use)

Cazadors, sting, then poison you. Then they do it again and again until you die unable to escape.

Sean Hollyman:
Out of these enemies, which ones are the worst to fight?

I cant decide..

*Shoot Cazadores in the wing. It seems more fragile then their other limps and it stuns them for a few seconsd and slows them down significantly. Use vats.

*Cripple deathclaw legs with high powered weaponry and AP/JSP ammo OR 2-3 plasma mines, 1-2 bottlecap mines or 1-2 c4 charges. It brings them to a crawl so you will be able to outrun them (even legendary deathclaws) and prevents them from leaping which can really fuck you up.
-The anti material rifle with JSP/AP ammo could easily make a deathclaws head explode in one shot if you sneak attack them (sniping).

*Shoot reavers legs... again it slows them down enough to evade. Then just headshot them. If you have a devastatingly powerful weapon, a few headshot will do.

The worst enemy by far in New Vegas, for me, are fucking legion hit squads (possibly ranger hit squads too, if you've gone that way). They either mince me, or they mince my companions... I had such a bad time with them until I finally got power armour and a brush gun (Actually, the "Medicine Stick" which is unique variant of the brush gun in the Gunner Runners Arsenal DLC).

Cazadors creep me the fuck out with their creepy flying patterns and the fact that they're bigger than me, whos gonna get squashed now?

I said Reavers, because Cazadores are easy if you cripple one wing, Deathclaws are easily kneecapped and outrun (or, you know, if you take the My-Brain-Makes-Drugs perk, you can blast some sweet, sweet Turbo and beat them to death with your bare hands), and you don't have those fucking subterranean dwellers on the list.
Reavers aren't scary, just more irritating than all the other enemies

Pfff you people and your fear of Death Claws, they're restricted to one small point in Vegas, which you can go around. Cazadors are all around the map, just waiting to swarm. Oh the horror. Can't help but feel the side quest for The Thorn was created just as a sadistic joke. Cazadors Eggs AND Deathclaws. *shudders*

"We can get it on if you prove yourself. Just kill all these deadly creatures and bring me their eggs."
Yeah, the prostitutes in Vegas don't seem as expensive now.
OT:Freaking Cazadors. I lag too much that I can only hit them with VATS...and only if I'm lucky. If not, I die--way too easily.

Deathcaws. I just use the LMG on the Cazadors and that basically kills them. But Deathclaws......Jesus Christ they fuck me up.

Deathclaws are predictable, so unless one surprises you (or a pack of them) they are relatively easy to take down. If you have one charging you before you're ready then try and cripple the legs. If you're starting the fight on your terms you can aim for the head.

Reavers have a serious weakness - the shotgun. Shoot them in the head from medium to close range with a shotgun and they go down.

Cazadores on the other hand... well, they are extremely annoying. Even the baby ones move very fast and hit you with poison. Erratic, rapid movement and a swarming ability? Very annoying to take out.

Someone mentioned Lakelurks as a sniper - you're trying to face them on their terms, since they are excellent snipers too. You have to adapt to the situation and simply put away your beautiful modified carbon fibre sniper rifle and switch to a shotgun or something else firing large caliber ammo and just charge up to them. Staying at range is what they want you to do.

For those also hating the Quarry - the best approach is to take the high ground that is to the north of the quarry. If you work your way up there, clearing any strays as you go, then you can set up a kill zone, or at the very least you can cut the number of avenues of attack and be less likely to be jumped from the side. I often go up there and lay mines behind me, then I know I've got a clear approach in front of me to aim my .50 cal.

It's a hard choice due to the fact that I hate all of them. However, if I had to choose one of them as the worse, Cazadors just barely edge out Deathclaws because there are far more areas where Cazadors reside as compared to Deathclaws. Honestly though, the danger level depends on: how many of the bastards are sitting around and do they have friends, if they snuck up on you, and if you are properly prepared(decent armor, guns, etc.).

Also fire geckos can be really bad if they catch you in a corner and there are no fewer than a dozen of them.(thank you riot shotgun)


Fallout 3: Reavers

Fallout New Vegas: Deathclaws.

But all of these enemies give you butt hurt if you're not careful.

Cazadores poison you, move erratically, and are fast. Also, once ran into a glitched one that looked like a giant ball of stretched polygons, could hit from 50 meters away, and was basically impossible to damage. Dubbed it "Cazathulu" and picked a different road.

I vote Cazadors, because of my frequent use of high power single shot weaponry, like Sniper, Anti-Material and Gauss rifles. Their small, fast, hard to hit, hit hard, and there's usually more than one.

Deathclaws and Reaver's are very slow while idle, making it easy for me to get a sneak attack critical headshot, and sneak away to make another shot if need be because I'm so far away that they lose interest quickly.

cazadors a pain and are the fill in random encounters option for new vegas. death claws.. nothing an anti materiel rifle and HE rounds cant fix BOOM

Cazadores were my worst nightmare. Till I got that poison immunity upgrade from the Big MT. Now they just look kinda sad.


They're much bigger in game but I believe Cazadors are based on tarantula wasps (IRL)and in my opinion the two worst things in the world combined...FUCK YOU NATURE.

Cazadors don't have much health in New Vegas but they move fast and the poison is a bitch. Cazadors are a pain at any level but at low levels you have next to no hope fighting a Deathclaw (they get progressively easier to kill as you level up).

CAPTCHA: fish and chips

Cazadors, without question. Sure, we can all mock the critters by end game, but think about your first encounters with each of the critters on question. You're not seeing Reavers till you're pretty mighty and have options. And you gotta go out of your way to fight Deathclaws early on.

Cazadors? They don't give a shit. They spawn-camp your ass north of the starting town and dare you to try and get to the Strip directly. They haunt the map, just off to the sides and corners, like insectoid Big Bad Wolves waiting for your Little Red Riding Courier to fall off the path. They'll swarm your ass and even if you've a weapon apt to kill them, they'll gleefully poison you and mock your corpse.

And that's not even to comment on the surprise factor. First playthrough, sure, you know to be watchful of Ghouls and Deathclaws if you played earlier games. Cazadors? They're a surprise. In the same sense stepping onto a mine is surprising. And they're a clear indicator how much of a shit this game gives about balance if you try to skip around and be cute with your exploration before you've got some levels and decent gear to your name.

So yeah. Cazadors. Fuck those guys.

Fucking Cazadores. Stupid freaky faces and poison.

The first time I encountered the Cazadors I was freaking confused as to why I died a few steps later. Subsequently I always tried to engage them in long-range.

Anyone who doesn't think cazadors are the worst is probably not playing on hardcore mode. cazadors are pretty much the sole reason I rarely brought companions with me. They always charge in or stand there like idiots and get stung a billion times, and then you have to reload because they are as good as dead.

Deathclaws are easy pickings, only slightly more dangerous than a freeside thug. The only time they ever are effective is when its something like an alpha deathclaw, and you're in an enclosed space with tight quarters, like a deathclaw cave. And I wasn't even aware people had problems with ghouls...

Cazadores? Flamers, Incinerators or Gatling Lasers each them alive. Hell, dropping a Grenade Rifle round on 'em from medium range is a guaranteed wing cripple. With Big MT they're even weaker, as you get poison resistance and bonus damage against them, allowing melee combat to be incredibly effective (I totally don't punch Cazadores to death).

Deathclaws... it's all about either being bulky as fuck (T51-b/Enclave with Slasher/Med-X) or being sneaky as fuck. Launchers like Fat Man, Annabelle or (again) long-lob Heavy Incinerators either kill or cripple, Anti-Materiel rifle does massive damage, Gauss Rifle knocks 'em around and Turbo + Ballistic Fist is like punching fish in a barrel.

Reavers... they're the hardest of this bunch. High damage, radioactive attacks, high HP and knockback make them a pain in the arse to fight if you don't hear/see them coming. Due to the speed they move at hitting them with rapid fire or explosives is the way to go, as it guarantees damage as they sprint towards you. Melee combat... isn't as good a method against Reavers, which makes me sad.

But the hardest foe in game? The truly, most difficult foe to ever exist in the Wasteland? Super Mutant Overlords from Fallout 3: Broken Steel. Over 1000 HP, armored and equipped with the strongest weapons of the wasteland, the Overlord gets a +40 damage bonus with the Tri-Beam Laser rifle regardless of your armor. 2 Overlords in a crossfire can tear apart even the hardiest of Wastelanders - why I am thankful this breed is not in the Mojave.

Deathclaws easily, I dont get why everyone has such an issue with Cazadores. Also Reavers are just bullet spongey, not really as difficult as Deathclaws which are bullet spongey and will fuck your shit up

Cazadores, its almost like the devs at Obsidian had a conversation along the lines of "did you ever play Morrowind? remember the cliff racers? those where really cool we should make something like that.... but even cooler".

So they made venomous cliff racers on crack that spawn in swarms.

Deathclaws, they're every where, and there are even some smart ones.

Fallout 3: Reavers

Fallout New Vegas: Deathclaws.

My thoughts exactly. Reavers in F3 were a bitch. I recall running from 2 Reavers halfway across Point Lookout.

In New Vegas Reavers are not scary, I have more trouble with Deathclaws.

Deathclaws by miles the tougher beast if we're talking about a battle with a single deathclaw vs a battle with a single cazador.

Cazadores can also be outrun mind you as well even if you do come across a swarm. once a deathclaw spots you though...well its nighty night unfortunately unless youve got something highly powered in your arsenal or are an extremely good crackshot at targeting one of its legs with a decent rifle.

Cazadors definitely annoyed me the most in New Vegas. I still wake up in cold sweats when I dream about being swarmed.

Cazadors!! At least you can aim at the rest, when I see cazador coming after I start spamming riot shotgun yelling shit. Bastards just swarm the hell outta you with poison stingers to add insult. And I hate trying to snipe them, movement pattern is too erratic.

Exactly! Too small, too fast to draw a good bead, then they're all over you. Had more deaths to these bugs than any other enemy in the game.


Cazadors. I played New Vegas at university and a flatmate walked in as I was starting. I tried exploring north of the starting town and he burst into laughter at how I was killed by a butterfly.

Uncool, man.

The holograms and Ghost people in Dead money are annoying too, plus they gave me the creeps :(

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