Games you have played to death?

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Also my Yu-Gi-Oh DS games have hundreds and hundreds of playtime hours in it because there are so many cards to play with, and Jump Ultimate Star's play timer literally reached the very top with 9s in all time measurements (though it doesn't go into the hundred hour digit).

Ratchet Deadlocked... I must have beat that game well over 40 times

Final Fantasy 9.
I that game far too much. Not even sure why really.

Well, I've literally played Final Fantasy 8 to death. The discs don't work anymore. This makes me sad.
I've also spent way too many hours into Morrowind and a while back I was friggin' addicted to Black & White 2. And I've played through Fable: TLC more times than I should say. And I did play the hell out of World of Warcraft a while back too.
Those are the main ones. Mainly FF8 though. Dear God I love that game.

Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas

Yea I might be a bit of a Bethesda fanboy, but oddly enough I did not enjoy Skyrim. I did not find the quests engaging at all. I felt no investment into the main storyline. Also the "streamlining" seems to make the characters more generic than ever. It made me a sad Bethesda fanboy. But I still have hope for FO: 4.

only one comes to mind that's not an MMO


I'd have to say Mass Effect. I rarely even look in the journal anymore because I know what side mission I'm about to do because I recognize the planet names. About the only things I haven't found in that game are The Shifty Looking Deer on a side mission planet. and the part of Luna(the moon) where you can supposedly hear Rachni-like "singing" going on.

A close second would have to be Twisted Metal 3. I knew where every powerup on each level was in and I could beat the game with any character on the hardest difficulty. One of my favorite games on PS1.

Pokemon Emerald. I played that game to death when I was 9. Heck, I grew up with it. I'm playing it right now as we speak.


Yeah, don't ask why... just dig the soundtrack... it's the only reason I play the game...

Yeah, it was the only game I played for the soundtrack. The only reason I got MW3 was because I was expecting more awesome music. I was not impressed.

OT: Well, there's

Mass Effect 1 & 2
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
Baldurs Gate 1 & 2
Fallout 3 & NV
Assassins Creed series
Dragon Age: Origins
Age of Empires 2 with expansion
Dawn of War with expansions
Occasionally I pull out the old N64 for Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask as well

Yeah I could go on forever

hmm operation flashpoint.. i would have upwards of 1200 hours in that
oblivion about a 1000
dragon age origins 635 hours
new vegas 470 hours
shogun 2 169

i generally only will play a game all the way through twice, but i played ME2 and Dragon Age: Origins to ridiculous extents.

esp. the latter.

Adam Jensen:
Morrowind. I was a kid. It was the first open world game I played. The first TES game as well. My mind was blown. I was playing it all day long. I had dreams about it every night because of that. I knew every inch of Morrowind and every NPC. Everything about it was safely stored inside my head. I have to admit that Skyrim is a better game in every aspect. But the magic is gone. I think the biggest problem is that I know a lot about the games I'm picking up before they're released. I knew nothing about Morrowind when I bought it. I just liked the cover art. I didn't know anything about any of the games I was picking up because I wasn't allowed to use the internet for anything besides games like CS and Quake. I'm sure if I had Skyrim when I was a kid I would have loved it more than Morrowind.

This. This all the wayyyyy.

Then there's Mount and Blade.

Fallout titles. ALL of them!

Oblivion and skyrim I sort of did...

team fortress 2....

and lastly, Fallout Online 2238. I've played that one, way more than any game ever.

lots of oblivion to the death of two discs, and the death of both age of empires 2 discs. I loved those two games.

Honestly, i've spent well over 1000 hours on the various Gamebryo engine games (Oblivion, FO3, NV, Skyrim, Pirates, etc).
I'm not even sure why. The Gamebryo engine sucks ass, but the games on it manage to be extremely immersive and fun despite all the bugs and graphics.
To that end, i've also downloaded a further 12gb+ of various mods for the various Bethesda games. I have never played through a PC copy of any Gamebryo game without at least 1 mod.

Pokemon, probably upwards of 500hrs throughout them all.

Gradius for th NES (dad and I beat it probably 200+ times together), Tetris (level 30 is controller snapping), Secret of Evermore (22 max save games) Illusion of Gaia (beat it at least 15 times) LoZ:LttP(first ever beaten game, still love it) Oblivion, Star Trek Armada, Star Trek Armada 2, League of Legends, Teenage mutant ninja turtles, punch out, super punch out. The list goes on...

Ah, I remember when I first played Pokemon Red. I didn't know how to catch Pokemon back then so I just powered my way through with my Charmander up until Mt. Moon. :/

OT: Shadow of the Colossus. I think I may have played the game more than a half dozen times by now. Every time I think about the game, I get the urge to play through it again. And now that I've finally beaten the Normal Time Attack mode and gotten all the items from it, I can experiment with them. I bet I can totally break the final colossus fight with my explosive arrows and cloak of deception.

Currently? Tera.. I am having dreams about it.. They're.. strange. But most MMOs that I play for any length of time.

When I was borrowing a friend's PS3, I ended up putting a shitload of time into Metal Gear Solid 4.

It's like a ridiculously addicting B movie.

I must have replayed it a good 3 times.

Been through Super Metroid countless times, but I keep missing 2 missile sets.

Batman Arkham Asylum. When I bought it, it was scratched, so I had to wait 2 days for a new copy. Then it got delayed, so I had to wait another 2. When I finally got it, the struggle made a great game even greater.

Bioshock (most of you know why).

I've got way too much mileage out of Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox. Ninja Gaiden 2 was a bit disappointing, but still fun. NG3, I prefer not to discuss.

Ocarina of Time. A game I can never review because it'd be filled with so much bias.

I've listened to the Beatles so much that I never need to listen to them again. Ocarina is the same thing, here.

Metroid 3.

I was doing speed runs of that before I knew speed runs were a thing people did.

Halo 3, Bad Company 2 and Fallout 3.

Yeah, I don't really have much else to do.

Edit: I've logged 142 hours on Empire: Total War, which is my most played Steam game, followed by STALKER:CoP, which has 32 hours.

Love me some stratg'y gaems.

Medieval 2: Total War - This game always has me coming back, even just the vanilla game has huge replayability, all the fan made mods make it even better and longer & if you buy the expansion, Kingdoms, you have a bunch of new stuff & new campaigns to keep you busy and some of the best mods to download!

Diablo 2
Tombi (Tomba, for you Americans) 1 and 2
Resident Evil 1
Broken Sword 1 and 2
Barbie's Super Fun Horse Time




I killed at least 3000 at the minimum on each playthrough.

I think you missed the point of my subtle joke.
I made a funny.
Har de har har.

I don't get it... That wasn't funny. Your joke implied that I only killed one zombie for each playthrough.

Just... read this.
Jokes stop being funny once you have to explain them.

Oblivion, Minecraft, various Pokemon Games (namely Ruby and Platinum), and I've probably invested more than 100 hours on Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, which I deem impressive since it's a relatively short single-player game.

Team Fortress 2.... god damn that game is a time sponge.

Warcraft 3
Ocarina Of Time
Every Castlevania game

I'm not sure how many hours I've put into both Starcraft and Warcraft but I assume somewhere in the hundreds.

While Classic Diablo has been a permanent fixture on my hard drive since 1996, I think Fallout 3 may actually take the cake for sheer amount of time spent in-game. Although I think finally, I've literally played the latter to death. There's practically nothing left in that game I have not done.

devil may cry 4.
i beat it, then i decided to beat it on every difficulty, then i decided to get all S ranks on all missions of every difficulty, THAN i decided to get S rank on orbs, style and time within every S rank of every missions of every difficulty... didn't quite make that last one happen ;D

KotOR II, I have... wait for it... 35 different Characters, each with over 50 game time each!

Aside from that I have 8 different Shep's with 50 to 60 hours each
6 Lonesome Wanderer's with close to 100 hours each
and 5 Dovahkiin with close to 100 hours each

The Fallout Series, Halo series and Pokemon series. Although I have become very disenchanted and averse to the latter two.

Max Payne 1 and 2, kingdom hearts 2.

Baldur's Gate II: SoA & ToB. But mostly the SoA portion - I've played it so much that I can quote every cut-scene perfectly.

I have memorized every single scripted sequence and know where every little thing is in Max Payne. I've realized that grenades are scripted in the first game. I can get through the entire game without using a single painkiller.

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