Favorite video game character and why?

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Aya Brea from Parasite Eve 1 & 2. She's hot. She's a natural blonde haired / blue eyed asian. She has kick ass powers and she saved the world twice while coming out virtually unscathed. (On another note 3rd birthday was a travesty and should be destroyed)

Defintely Cole from Gears of War. What an absolute badass. Every time he talked I lost my shit laughing.
"You can't stop the train Baby"

Riku from Kingdom Hearts, not only was he cool, He also helped with the boss fight (first of second with this monster) inside the whale.

This but i like him for more reasons...mainly his whole inner fight with himself is why i like him. Yes hes cool but what makes him my favorite is that throughout the series he is dealing with his own inner turmoil over his choices how to make peace with the darkness within himself.
Axel/Xigbar come in second becomes Axel/Xixbar :D

...that phrase sounds better with only one name lol


My favorite male character (badassery): New Dante! Controversial, I know. I was originally gonna go with Agent 47 but the amount of times New Dante's dialogue made me laugh, or the way it made me feel badass... It had to be New Dante.

Kudos for having the balls to say you like the new Dante! Can't say he's one of my all-time favorites, but he was definitely one of my favorite "new" characters this year. Which is a step up from the old Dante making me think "God I love these games but I wish this asshole would shut. The Hell. Up!"

I'm not even going to bother saying why I like the G-Man and Alyx Vance, because I'm probably not going to say anything you haven't heard a thousand times before.

You know what? A good character doesn't necessarily have to be all pithy one liners and icky emotions. So I'm going to give a nod to the Contra guy.


Those are missiles! This is something that happens!

Hey, look, my childhood!
All of these characters are my favorite.
All of them.

Really Elise from Sonic06........OOhhhhkkaaayyyyy
P.S I love sonic the Hedgehog too

My Favourite Game character hands down is Commander Shepard, he is the definition of a manly action hero. He is very generic but can be really funny and always always AWESOME. (Fangasm)
His dance moves are the best, he generates shit memes, he headbutts Krogans. He saved the universe from Giant Robot Squids three times, and he lives if you picked the red ending like me.

Shepard I love you


Benny, Fallout New Vegas. Guy had class, even if he was a backstabbing dirty rat. I would've loved to see his character in other mediums, like in a book or a movie.

Also really liked Cole's sidekick Bekowsky in LA Noire. I don't know why exactly, he just seemed cool.


Hero: Clive Winslet of Wild Arms 3. Because like much of the game he's in, he is a study in subversions of gaming cliche- he uses a massive sniper rifle yet is the most polite and reserved of his team. He is extremely calm and bookish yet capable of passionately calling out someone who uses knowledge for ill. He is a main character in a JRPG with green hair yet is happily married with a daughter. His primary flaw is a tendency to berate himself overly for his own mistakes both past and present, perhaps exemplified in his refusal to become the leader of his team despite being much better suited for the job than their youngest, least experienced and most optimistic member.

Villain: Revolver Ocelot of Metal Gear. Yes, by the fourth game he's revealed to have more sympathetic motivations, but still goes about them in an appropriately ruthless manner and is actually looking forward to the return of human society to something more like the Wild West. He's quite amusing in MGS3 yet also a dangerous enemy who pursues you to the very final scene, arguably a more iconic nemesis than Liquid or possibly even Big Boss, who has been travelling the world fighting for just as long as Snake, if not longer. From his very start in the first game he left me wondering if it would be possible to ever learn to gage a gun's ricochet like that- an extremely dangerous ability without any real supernatural gifts to help him, and that's on top of his interrogation skills. Also makes a very funny 'dark comedy' duo with Psycho Mantis in the Last Days of Foxhound comic.

Hmmm... both pseudo-cowboy characters.


Very true, a character can be simple made of pure action and still be engaging. Kind of the reason why i still like mario .

Cairne Bloodhoof from Warcraft.. a morally upstanding grumpy old man, and a great warrior despite his age

plus hes a giant tauren (minotaur-esque thing) who used tree trunks as a standard.. just all kinds of badass

I'm gonna have to allow myself one good and one evil character.

Good: The Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)
THE original legendary soldier, everything about this woman oozes with charisma and respect. This woman's mere existence causes wars over ideology on a biblical scale.

Evil: Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)
As if killing that character wasn't enough, this guy is remorseless. He considers himself superior to anyone and is willing to destroy, kill and manipulate anything in his way.

Not very original, but then again they are hard to beat.

Ratchet, for one. He's cool... Also funny.
I also like Geralt. Badass, right? And Max Payne, Agent 47, Heather Mason, God there's so many! Alan Wake! Garrus! Thane! Shepard! Snake! Garret! Isaac! Corvo! Aaaaah!

Ezio Auditore da Firenze from the Assassin's Creed series. Seriously, what's not to love about this guy? He's brave, honorable, an extremely talented fighter, a ladies man, charming, funny and just a complete and total badass. Not to mention he could kick the ass of anyone in Italy during his best years.

Ezio, you are awesome.


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