343 Industries Head

The bad news keeps coming for 343 Industries. Last year, studio head Bonnie Ross left the company. Then the story broke there were massive layoffs at the organization. While 343 has tried to allay fans’ fears about the shakeups with a commitment to keep developing the games, it is still bleeding talent. Now it appears Kiki Wolfkill, who was head of Halo transmedia and entertainment at 343 Industries, has left the studio for another role at Xbox.

According to Kiki’s LinkedIn (via VGC), she left her role as a 343 Industries head earlier this month. She had been at 343 for at least 12 years in total, worked as a producer on Halo 4, and oversaw the launch of the Halo television series. Her profile still shows her as being employed at Microsoft, as head of Xbox IP expansion and entertainment since November 2022.

Things are looking rough. Sure, another season of the Halo show at Paramount+ is coming. And more titles in the video game series are definitely on the way. But Halo Infinite left many gamers cold, and the same sentiment is true of the live-action adaptation. 343 Industries really has to knock it out of the park with its next projects. Fans will only stick around so long if you continue to disappoint them, no matter how cool Forge is.

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