Alan Wake 2 survival horror Alan Wake 2 Is Playable from Start to Finish at Remedy

Alan Wake 2 development is proceeding nicely, as developer Remedy Entertainment revealed that the sequel is “playable from start to finish.” The update arrives as part of a recent financial report that clued investors into the studio’s behind-the-scenes activities.

Alan Wake 2 is in full production. The game will soon have all content in place, and it is playable from start to finish,” CEO Tero Virtala said. “We will then move onto polishing the experience. Alan Wake is a unique brand that holds high value for the company today.”

Alan Wake 2 was revealed at The Game Awards 2021 as a survival horror-oriented follow-up to the studio’s foggy cult classic from 2010. Remedy maintains that it’ll also be its “biggest” project to date and will feature a story that leans more into its horror elements, with director Sam Lake adding that players should expect the sequel to be appealing to both returning fans and newcomers. It’s already been poised as an ambitious title, especially considering the studio has had its hands full creating other projects through the last 13 years. Some other titles in the works include Control 2, a Control multiplayer spinoff, Max Payne remakes, and more.

The studio’s update today that the game is fully playable also falls in line with expectations to release Alan Wake 2 before the year is out. Look forward to it on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S.

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