Patch 1.1 of Honkai: Star Rail introduces a hefty set of new events.
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All 1.1 Patch Notes for Honkai: Star Rail

With patch 1.1, Honkai: Star Rail is finally starting to pick up steam. It adds a bunch of new event content, alongside banners for Silver Wolf as the latest limited character and her Light Cone. Players like myself who had cleared all the existing content and were patiently waiting for new things to do now have some cool new events to jump into!

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The Main New Additions to Honkai: Star Rail in Patch 1.1

New 5-Star Character

With Honkai: Star Rail well underway now, we’re getting a steady stream of brand new characters to use our hard-earned Rail Passes on. This patch brings in a new 5-star character, Silver Wolf. She’s a pro hacker and gamer and brings a unique, powerful kit to the table. Her ability enables mono team comps, while her incredible defense shredding ultimate can cut an enemy’s defenses in half. You can find out more in our guides on how to build her and her best team comps to help you decide whether to pick up Silver Wolf.

New 5-Star Light Cone

Incessant Rain features on the limited Light Cone event warp banner and is the signature Light Cone for Silver Wolf. It’s quite powerful and could be used effectively on any Nihility character. That said, you can obtain a 4-star Light Cone that you can Superimpose to level 5 from participating in the Starhunt Game Event, and this is actually on par with the new 5-star Light Cone in performance, making it not worth pulling for.

New Aptitude Showcase

Whenever a new character banner comes around, we get a new set of showcases to complete. These let you try out the various 5- and 4-star characters featured on the new banner in a set battle. It’s a great way to test characters to see if you enjoy playing them before attempting to use your Rail Passes on them. You also get a nice bit of extra Stellar Jade for completing the one featuring Silver Wolf.

Starhunt Game: Silver Wolf Story and Arcade Event

Play through a brand new story in this event that gives you more insight into Silver Wolf and what her character is like. It’s a great little story and a fun way to engage with the newest character. For completing the story, you’ll obtain a 4-star Light Cone called Before the Tutorial Mission Starts. Afterwards, you can complete a series of missions in the Arcade section of the event to earn a bunch of Stellar Jade as well as a currency to spend in Silver Wolf’s store. What you really want there are the Lil’ Twisty Bubble Gum items, as you can use those to Superimpose into the new Light Cone and max it out at level 5. 

Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities Event

This is another, bigger event than the Starhunt Game. It adds a quite detailed strategy management sim minigame designed around managing the Belobog Museum. You’ll be recruiting staff (including characters you know and love from playing through the story). I won’t mention them to keep things spoiler-free, but it’s quite exciting to see which of the main characters you can recruit to help you staff the museum.

Each character has different stats that impact how well they perform the main functions and run the various areas of the Museum. This impacts how much money the Museum earns and how much budget you’ll have on the next day to perform upgrades and hire new staff. The main functions are Tour Duration, Educational Value, and Visitor Appeal. It’s important to get a solid balance of these three across your characters staffing each area of the Museum to earn the highest rating and the most money.

Hiring new staff and leveling up various parts of the Museum are fun, plus you get regular missions to do, including activities like obtaining new artifacts and paintings to add to the Museum displays. Of course, you get tons of rewards for this across everything you do in this event. 

You’re rewarded Stellar Jade for obtaining new Special Staff characters, adding new artifacts and artworks to the Museum, and completing milestone objectives in leveling up the different parts of the Museum. A good portion of the rewards for this event are limited time, so get started on this event before you miss out on the substantial Stellar Jade rewards or the highly sought after Self-Modeling Resin to allow you to make a custom Relic!

That covers the main new additions to Honkai: Star Rail in patch 1.1. There are some excellent new events to get involved in and plenty of rewards to earn, so take advantage while you can!

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