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All Maps in Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

While there aren't many maps in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game, it makes up for the quantity with quality.

If you want to know about all maps in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game, whether it’s just because you like the idea of sight-seeing in the multiplayer game, or you just want to know how varied things are, then you’re in the right place. As of the time of this writing, there are three maps to learn and love that can be chucked at you when playing.

These maps can feel vastly different depending on whether you’re playing as a victim or a killer, and also what selection of those characters you have. After all, smaller characters have access to a lot of sneaky passageways that larger characters, specifically Leatherface in a lot of cases, can’t get into. So, learning each of them is integral to success, and it’ll take a fair few games on each to learn the lay of the land.

All Maps in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

While there are only three maps for now, we’d be stunned if the game doesn’t get more further down the line. While many of the films do stick to more rural areas, there are enough movies that different versions of these maps could appear, along with some outliers, or even brand-new maps never before seen in the franchise. They put Jason in space, so why not Leatherface?

Gas Station

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Maps. This image shows the Gas Station map.

The Gas Station is strewn with junk all over the place, and a fair few abandoned cars to boot. These can be a huge help when you’re trying to escape and can block off the killer’s sightlines, but they also serve as obstacles if you’re running without paying attention to where you’re going. It’s a good mix of big and small spaces.

Family House

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Maps. This image shows the Family House map.

Despite being a home, the Family House actually has a fair few open spaces thanks to the large fields outdoors. While indoors is a mess of rooms and horribly claustrophobic corridors, the outside areas offer very little help in terms of stealth. It means you’ll have to bide your time waiting for a good chance to escape, or if you’re the one doing the hunting, you’ll likely need to go inside to flush out the victims.

Slaughter House

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Maps. This image shows the Slaughter House map.

The Slaughter House is one of our favorite maps purely because it’s innately unpleasant. Even if this place wasn’t being used to kill off victims, it’s just sort of gross. It can wind up feeling a bit like a maze too, with the indoor areas being quite busy and messy, and the outdoor sections being strewn with debris as well. It’s a tough one to play on either side, which makes it a lot more fun.

That’s a rundown of the three maps currently available in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. For more on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, check out our tier list of the best killers, as well as our rundown of all of the voice actors in the game.

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