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All One Piece Openings, Ranked From Worst to Best

Some anime have absolutely great music and opening songs that fans just can’t get enough of. One Piece has a lot of opening songs, covering its 1000+ episodes, but which ones are the best?

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One Piece has been releasing some bangers for its opening themes since it was first released in 1999. While I would say none of the songs are bad, there are definitely some that are better than others while a few can hold the title of iconic. There are 24 opening themes with one of them repeating four separate times throughout the 25 years it’s been on air. Get ready because we’re ranking each one; they all deserve a spotlight.

24. Kaze wo Sagashite by Straw Hats & Mar Yagushi

One Piece Kaze wo Sagashite
Image via Toei Animation

Just because “Kaze wo Sagashite” is last doesn’t mean it’s a bad song. It hits number 24 because it’s deceptively happy and upbeat for the arc that it introduces. The opening song in context with the anime and the opening animation is perfect, but it isn’t one I would listen to often.

23. Super Powers by V6

One Piece Super Powers
Image via Toei Animation

When “Super Powers” first played I was not impressed. I wasn’t sure what Toei Animation was thinking when they decided to make this an opening song. However, after listening to it a few times it slowly grew on me. It gets number 23 for its horrible first impression.

22. Wake Up! by AAA

One Piece Wake up!
Image via Toei Animation

“Wake Up!” by AAA is a great upbeat opening song that certainly matches the One Piece feel. It’s fun to listen to and one that will get any watcher hyped for the episode to come. But in the sea of many opening themes, I tend to forget about this one unless it shows up in a One Piece playlist.

21. Bon Voyage! by Bon-Bon Blanco

One Piece Bon Voyage
Image via Toei Animation

“Bon Voyage!” is one of the older opening themes of the anime. It’s a cute song that is always a delight to hear on a One Piece playlist. It has an official English version from when the anime was getting its English Dub which is also pretty good for a translation.

20. Hikari E by The Babysitters

One Piece Hikari E
Image via Toei Animation

“Hikari E” is another older opening song with an English version. Both of them are great. It’s an upbeat opening. The second I hear the guitar in the intro I am immediately singing along with it. Of course, the animated opening that went along with the song will go down in history as one of the biggest spoilers, revealing Nico Robin as a future crew member.

19. Crazy Rainbow by Tackey & Tsuabasa

One Piece Crazy Rainbow
Image via Toei Animation

It’s chaotic, there are rainbows, and it’s a bop. “Crazy Rainbow” is one of the openings where I know the instrumental better than the words, but I will sing “Crazy crazy rainbow star. Twinkle Twinkle rainbow star” at the top of my lungs when the chorus comes on.

18. Uuuuus! by Hiroshi Kitadani

One Piece Uuuuus!
Image via Toei Animation

“Uuuuus!” is the most recent opening for One Piece, and it is a delight. It’s sung by Kitadani Hiroshi who is a regular contributor to One Piece openings. It has Kitadani Hiroshi’s flavor written all over it, making it an upbeat song that will make you want to dance. However, I wouldn’t say it’s the best song he’s done but maybe it’s because of how new it is and it still needs time to grow on me.


One Piece The Peak
Image via Toei Animation

“THE PEAK” is the last opening for the Wano arc in One Piece. The chimes at the very beginning are a great touch that leads into a simple upbeat song. It gets me bopping along in my seat whenever it comes on. The animated sequence for the opening is special with its constant circle theme, representative of the sun, and its nostalgic showing of different key moments compiled to create the title at the end.

16. Jungle P by 5050

One Piece Jungle P
Image via Toei Animation

“Jungle P” is one of the first openings where the entire song is used and not a shortened version. This made it easier to fall for the song in its entirety. I appreciate the mini rap in the song. It’s entirely in English and addicting to sing along.

15. We Can! by Hiroshi Kitadani

One Piece We Can!
Image via Toei Animation

Hiroshi Kitadani returns with the song “We Can!” which definitely has his signature sound that makes him easily identifiable. He nails it again with the combo of fun vocals and great instrumentals. It’s a fun song to sing with. If you don’t know the Japanese well then singing along with the guitar or playing some air instruments is just as fun.

14. Brand New World by D-51

One Piece Brand New World
Image via Toei Animation

“Brand New World” is a fast-paced electronic song that perfectly hypes up the arc it introduces. Alone, it becomes a great song to blast from my speakers while I clean to keep me motivated and moving. It’s also great for 3:00 a.m. karaoke with your nerd friends.

13. Believe by Folder 5

One Piece Believe
Image via Toei Animation

“Believe” is the second opening for One Piece. It holds a lot of early 2000s upbeat vibes and the nostalgia is strong. It sounds like it could show up on an old DDR game and I’m here for it. English-speaking audiences got an English version which for the 2000’s wasn’t bad either.

12. Over the top by Horoshi Kitadani

One Piece Over the Top
Image via Toei Animation

“Over the Top” is one of the opening songs that gets easily stuck in my head. It has a strong intro that makes anyone want to sing “One Dream! One Wish!” as loud as they can. It takes on a life of its own with the spirited trumpets and other wind instruments combined with the guitar and drums.

11. Kokoro no Chizu by BOYSTYLE

One Piece Kokoro no Chizu
Image via Toei Animation

“Kokoro no Chizu” is another opening song that’s upbeat and happy but leads to an emotionally traumatic arc known as the Water 7 arc. Despite the trauma, this is one that I have played on repeat too many times and one I do not skip when rewatching One Piece.

10. We Go! by Hiroshi Kitadani

One Piece We go!
Image via Toei Animation

“We Go!” is the first opening after the time skip. It’s a call back to the first opening song “We Are!” as it introduces the second half of One Piece. It gets the honor of starting the top 10 countdown. The song itself is great and it serves as a great milestone opening for those who have made it that far into the show.

9. Share the World by TVXQ

One Piece Share the World
Image via Toei Animation

TVXQ is a K-pop group that also released Japanese albums under the name Tohoshinki. While “Share the World” is in Japanese, it has the flair of a K-pop song that makes it unique in the One Piece opening line-up. This is one that I’ve played on repeat too many times to count.

8. Hands Up! by Kouta Shinzato

One Piece Hands up!
Image via Toei Animation

When “Hands Up!” tells me to put my hands up and stand up I do every time. Unless I’m in my car which I then just put one hand up. This is a song that is great for getting anyone motivated for the day.

7. PAINT by I Don’t Like Mondays

One Piece Paint
Image via Toei Animation

“PAINT” is not one of the most fast-paced openings but it has a melody that just makes you want to sing your heart out. Every time a new episode started, I couldn’t help by sing along. Thanks to the opening animation that goes along with it, “PAINT” has a lot of bittersweet feelings attached. It gets bonus points for the band name.

6. Hard Knock Days by GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE

One Piece Hard Knock Days
Image via Toei Animation

Here is a fast-paced rock song that will get your blood pumping. “Hard Knock Days” has been added to my workout playlist because of how lively it is. This optimistic song will give anyone a burst of serotonin as soon as it comes on.

5. Fight Together by Namie Amuro

One Piece Fight Together
Image via Toei Animation

Namie Amuro is an amazing Japanese Singer and “Fight Together” lives up to her reputation. The electronic instrumental with that bird tweet and vocals of an angel easily puts this song on the top five for One Piece openings. It becomes one of the more emotional openings because it covers the flashback arc of Ace and Luffy’s childhood.

4. One Day by The Rootless

One Piece One Day
Image via Toei Animation

Speaking of emotional opening songs, “One Day” is the most emotional and will make me cry when I don’t expect it. It’s a slower rock song that becomes my go-to ballad when I’m singing in my apartment. It’s a beautiful and emotional song about not wanting to lose what’s important and it guts me every time.

3. DREAMIN’ ON by Da-iCE

Image via Toei Animation

“DREAMIN’ ON” became my #2 song most played in 2022 and for good reason. It is one of the most hyped songs in the One Piece lineup. It’s a rock song that out rocks all the openings before it. It was love at first sight and to this day is still one of my favorite openings.

2. Hope by Namie Amuro

One Piece Hope
Image via Toei Animation

“Hope” was my #1 song for three years in a row. Namie Amuro is back at it again with an amazing song that as the title implies, will give anyone listing hope. The song is fast-paced with top-notch vocals that make you want to belt the song. Ironically, this song shares an arc with “Super Powers” which might lead to why the transition from “Hope” put it at a disadvantage.

1. We Are! by Hiroshi Kitadani

One Piece We Are!
Image via Toei Animation

“We Are!” gets the #1 spot on this list because it is the iconic song out of them all and is the only one that would unite every One Piece fan. This was the song that introduced everything and the instrumentals continue to appear throughout the episodes. “We Are!” is special because it is the first opening, the seventh opening, the tenth opening, and the opening song used for the 1000th episode. “We Are!” was covered by TVXQ and the Straw Hat voice actors for separate openings.

That’s our roundup of all One Piece openings. For more, check out how many filler episodes the anime has.

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