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Are There Day and Night Cycles in Dead Island 2?

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Dead Island 2 has you killing zombies in sunny California. But in real life, the sun only shines half the time. Is the sun always going to be shining in the game, or will you be dodging zombies in the dark? Can you choose what time of day you take on the dead? If you’re wondering if there are day and night cycles in Dead Island 2, read on.

Here’s How Night And Day Work in Dead Island 2.

There is no night and day cycle in Dead Island 2. It doesn’t matter how long you wait in a zone — whether you’re hanging around inside a flashy mansion or cowering behind a dumpster. And for a large portion of the game you have no control over night and day. 

Instead, the story decides when it’s time to turn night into day and vice versa. Sometimes, this is for dramatic effect while it’s sometimes just to remind you that time is moving. Regardless of the reason, during this portion of the game, you have zero control over when night turns into day. 

No, it’s not nice fighting zombies in the dark, especially when they run right up to you. But as far as Dead Island 2 goes, tough. You’re going to have to deal with slavering, undead monsters emerging from the darkness. 

So Can You Control The Time of Day?

You never get complete control. The game still turns day into night and vice versa whenever the story calls for it. But, once you unlock Fast Travel you get a little more say in the matter. This happens after you hit Venice Beach and complete the first main mission there. 

Day and Night Cycles Choice in Dead Island 2

From that point onwards, you can travel to other zones without having to walk. When you move to another zone using Fast Travel, you’ll have the option to arrive at night or during the day. 

So you get some control over the time of day via Fast Travel, but there are no day and night cycles that switch automatically in Dead Island 2. If you’re diving into the new zombie-based splatterfest, you’ll no doubt have other questions, like whether the game lets you use guns or which of the six slayers will best suit your playstyle. Make sure to check out our full set of guides for the answers to your questions.

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