Jensen Ackles joins Focus & Mundfish to deliver a robot-smashing live-action Atomic Heart trailer that teases Harry Potter & Hogwarts Legacy.

TV’s superpowered demon-slayer Jensen Ackles has joined forces with Focus Entertainment and Mundfish to deliver a robot-smashing live-action Atomic Heart trailer. The footage begins with a little girl waving a wand as she shouts familiar-sounding spells at a test dummy. When her powers prove to be useless against the robot invasion, the Supernatural and The Boys star takes up his modded metal baseball bat to step in and help the would-be wizard. It’s a clear shot at Hogwarts Legacy that is even fitted with Harry Potter-esque music, and it’s made all the better thanks to Ackles’ ability to come across as stoic and comedic without missing a beat. Atomic Heart is out in just one week but isn’t wasting a second of the time in-between.

Jensen Ackles is the perfect choice for Atomic Heart, which has so far proven to be just as action-packed and tongue-in-cheek as the properties the actor is known for starring in. Set in a fictional version of a 1955 USSR, this first-person nightmare gives players an elementally charged power glove as they are confronted with an apocalypse of evil robots. Atomic Heart swings into PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S on February 21, 2023.

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