With a few tweaks, you can find the best controller settings for NBA 2K24.

Best Controller Settings for NBA 2K24

Every year, when you start out on a new NBA 2K game, it’s always a good idea to optimize the controller settings. Let’s take a look at the best controller settings for NBA 2K24. Keep in mind these settings are done on the current-gen version of the game on PS5.

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Best Shooting Settings in NBA 2K24

With a few tweaks, you can find the best controller settings for NBA 2K24.
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  • Shot Timing Visual Cue: Set Point
    • This setting directly impacts the timing of your shots. Set Point is a good middle ground for this setting. During a jump shot, release the shot when the ball is near the player’s forehead, around halfway through the jump shot animation.
  • Jump Shot and Free Throw Meters: Off
    • Turning off these meters gives you a 20% bonus to your shots. It’s also a better way to play that will improve your skills over time. Even for newer players, it’s better to learn this skill early rather than rely on the meters.
  • Layup Meter: On
    • Unlike the jump shot meter, the layup meter doesn’t provide a noticeable boost when turned off. Keeping it on can help with layup accuracy.
  • Shot Meter Location: By The Head
    • This makes it easier to follow the meter when performing layups. You can also customize the size and color of the shot meter to your preference for better visibility.

Best Defensive and Passing Settings in NBA 2K24

  • Defensive Assist Strength: 10
    • Lowering this setting gives you more control over your character when defending.
  • Boxout Assist Strength: 50
    • This setting helps balance control while maintaining effectiveness during boxouts.
  • Pass Target Direction: 1
    • Setting this to a low value allows for more accurate passes.
  • Pass Target Distance: 1
    • This setting ensures your passes are targeted more precisely over short distances.
  • Pass Target Openness: 98
    • A high setting here helps you make the best pass to the most open player quickly without overthinking.

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Additional Settings to Improve Gameplay

  • Motion Blur: Off
    • Turning off motion blur eliminates distractions and makes the game feel less laggy.

Best NBA 2K24 Camera Angle

  • Camera Angle: 2K or Broadcast
    • These angles provide the best view of the court, helping you see your players and opponents more clearly. Adjust the zoom and height settings to your preference to enhance your gameplay experience.

That covers the best controller settings to use in NBA 2K24. Using these setting tweaks you should start to see quite an improvement in your gameplay. For more, check out our guide to Timing Stability in NBA 2K24.

NBA 2K24 is available now.

The above article was updated on 5/29/2024 by Davi Braid to clarify information about controller settings in NBA 2K24.

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