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Timing Stability in NBA 2K24 Explained

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In NBA 2K24 you’ll very quickly notice that there have been quite a few changes to shooting in this year’s game, and it’s much harder to shoot well and consistently. One of the factors that plays into this is a new stat called Timing Stability. In this article, we’ll be covering what Shot Timing Stability is all about and why improving the stat will help you shoot better in NBA 2K24.

Timing Stability in NBA 2K24 Explained

Shot Timing Stability is a new stat that features in NBA 2K24. You’ll find it while customizing your jump shots in the MyCareer mode. In the Custom Jump Shot Creator, it will be one of the main stats adjusting your jump shots change. No matter if you’re shooting close, mid range, or for threes, this stat is pretty important for getting your shots off. If you played the previous NBA 2K23, you’ll probably remember there was a stat called Shot Timing Impact. That stat is what has been replaced by Shot Timing Stability.

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Shot Timing Stability and Shot Timing Impact are very similar stats in that they impact the speed and stability of the shot when you go to make a jump shot. They also lessen the effects of players defending your shots and the effects of fatigue as well. This makes it important to tune your jump shot to have greater Shot Timing Stability. You’ll be able to make faster shots that are less impacted when you’re near defenders. You’ll also have a much better time shooting when you’ve burnt through most of your stamina.

That covers it for the Timing Stability stat in NBA 2K24. I’d really encourage you to customize your own jump shot and make sure you’ve got a solid Timing Stability stat. It really goes a long way for making shots!

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