Best Gear for the Artist Class in Lost Ark MMO

The popular MMO action role-playing game Lost Ark by Smilegate and Tripod Studio has just launched a big update called ‘The Art of War.’ This new update features a new advanced class called the Artist. The Artist is the first in the new Specialist class category. She wields a giant magical paintbrush and ink. You can check out our class guide to find out about her skills. If you’re playing through Lost Ark with the Artist class and wondering what is the best end game gear to use, look no further! 

Best Gear for the Artist Advanced Class in Lost Ark

The Artist class really is a support class at its core and, as such, has one of the lowest effective HP pools in all of Lost Ark. Due to the low HP, the best gear set to use on the Artist is the 6-piece Relic Set: Swamp of Yearning. Not only does this set provide much needed defense and HP increases, but the set effects supplement the awesome buffing and support capabilities of the Artist.

The set bonus provides a Blessing of Battle. While this buff is active, a Dexterity effect is granted to party members within 8 meters every 16 seconds. The Dexterity buff increases damage to foes by 8%. Using this buff in conjunction with the 10% damage buff from the Artist’s Moonfall skill will really help to ramp up party damage and take enemies down faster.

For combat stats on your gear, you’ll want to focus on Swiftness for your earrings, rings, and necklace. Any other gear you can add Swiftness to, you should; stacking it as much as possible is key. Swiftness is the key stat for the Artist as you’ll want as much uptime on your buffs and abilities as possible so that you’re constantly having the most impact. 

Using cooldown gems wherever you’re able to is also highly recommended to further improve your ability to sustain near 100% uptime on all your skills. This includes your shielding skills (very important to mitigate damage — remember that low class HP?), buffs for damage, healing, and debuffs on your enemies. The more skills that the Artist is able to throw out, the faster she can pump up the Harmony Meter and generate those Harmony Orbs to spend.

That’s it for the best gear recommendations for the new Artist advanced class in Lost Ark. Now you can level up and gear up with confidence in the end game knowing what you need to push the Artist’s skills to their limits!

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