Best Jing Yuan Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

Best Jing Yuan Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

One of the best AOE damage dealers and coolest characters in Honkai: Star Rail is the dashing general Jing Yuan. Since he’s one of the top damage dealers in Honkai: Star Rail, let’s go over some of the best team comps Jing Yuan can be used in.

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Best Jing Yuan Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

If you’ve managed to pull Jing Yuan, you’ll first want to check out our guide for the best way to build him. Then, it’s time to pick a team, and I’ve got a few comps that he will perform amazingly in.

Jing Yuan Hyper Carry Team

  • Makes the most of Jing Yuan’s Skill
  • Ensures Jing Yuan can charge his Ultimate faster

This team is a top-tier Memory of Chaos and Pure Fiction clearer that uses Sparkle’s powerful utility to allow Jing Yuan to maximize his Lightning Lord DPS.

Jing Yuan about to fight. This image is part of an article about the best Jing Yuan team comps in Honkai: Star Rail.

Jing Yuan – Sparkle – Tingyun – Fu Xuan

Jing Yuan is incredibly strong and fully capable of being the sole damage dealer in a team. Running a bunch of supports to boost him means you’ll clear content like nobody’s business. Sparkle is one of the best buffers in the game, as she has the unique ability to generate an abundance of skill points for the team with ease. This allows Jing Yuan to keep using his Skill constantly to ensure he’s getting a full ten stack of Lightning Lord damage each time his summon strikes.

Combo this with the classic Tingyun, who provides energy to Jing Yuan to allow him to charge his Ultimate ability faster, and you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be capping out on Lightning Lord damage. The defensive character in this entry on the list of best Jing Yuan team comps in Honkai: Star Rail doesn’t have to be Fu Xuan, although she is best in slot thanks to her Crit buffs and incredible team-wide sustain. She can be subbed out for any defensive alternative, such as Aventurine, HuoHuo, Luocha, or Gallagher.

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Jing Yuan Follow-Up Team

  • Makes Jing Yuan more flexible in boss fights
  • Allows Topaz to become much more powerful

This team leans into creating a powerful team that thrives on Follow-Up damage and provides excellent AOE and single-target damage capabilities.

Jing Yuan about to fight. This image is part of an article about the best Jing Yuan team comps in Honkai: Star Rail.

Jing Yuan – Topaz & Numby – Sparkle – Aventurine

If you’re finding your Jing Yuan team to be lacking when it comes to dealing enough single-target damage, this team is the solution. Jing Yuan can easily clear out all the smaller enemies that spawn in boss fights while still dealing good damage to the boss at the same time. In order to speed up damage to the boss, though, we need to bring in a second damage dealer, and this is where Topaz and Numby shine. They are able to deal significant single-target damage and have a powerful debuff they can place on enemies to ensure they take 50% additional damage from Follow-Up attacks.

This means that every time Jing Yuan’s Lightning Lord strikes, it deals an extra 50% damage to the target marked by Topaz. Combine this with Topaz and Numby’s own damage output, and you’ll be melting bosses in no time. As for additional support, Sparkle is still best in class here, thanks to her ability to generate plenty of skill points for the team so that they can practically spam their skills for very high damage output. If you don’t have Sparkle, another amazing option is Ruan Mei, who has a whole host of powerful supporting effects, such as increasing damage massively against enemies who are shield-broken.

Those are some of the best team comps that you can run Jing Yuan with in Honkai: Star Rail. If you’re looking for more optimal builds for different characters, make sure to check out our full collection of guides to the game

You can play Honkai: Star Rail on PC, Android, iOS, and PlayStation 5.

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