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Best Jing Yuan Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

Best Jing Yuan Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

The latest character banner in Honkai: Star Rail features Jing Yuan, a lightning element character who specializes in area of effect damage. However, he also holds his own in single target damage. Plus, thanks to his ability to passively summon Lightning-Lord, Jing Yuan is one of the top damage dealers in Honkai: Star Rail and works well in several team comps.

Best Teams to Use With Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail

If you’ve managed to pull Jing Yuan you’ll first want to check out our guide for the best way to build him. Then, it’s time to pick a team, and I’ve got a few comps that he will perform amazingly in.

Jing Yuan Hyper Carry Team

Jing Yuan – Bronya – Tingyun – Bailu

Jing Yuan is incredibly strong and fully capable of being the sole damage dealer in a team. Running a bunch of supports to boost him means you’ll clear content like nobody’s business. Bronya is the best buffer in the game currently and pairing her with Tingyun to also buff Jing Yuan will create an absolute monster. With this set-up, it’s very satisfying to watch Jing Yuan hit harder than the Astral Express. Bailu is the only flex character for this particular team and can be swapped out for Natasha, March 7th, Fire Trailblazer, or Gepard as defensive alternatives.

Jing Yuan Free-to-Play Team

Jing Yuan – Fire Trailblazer – Asta – Natasha

Best Jing Yuan Team Comps in Honkai Star Rail - Free-to-Play teamIf the only characters other than Jing Yuan available to you are the ones made available through the campaign of Honkai: Star Rail, then this is the best team comp. Shielding and taunts from the Fire Trailblazer will keep Jing Yuan safe. Meanwhile, Asta will be primarily used for her speed buffing ultimate, which helps to ensure Jing Yuan can get the maximum 10 stacks of buffs on Lightning-Lord. Finally, Natasha’s healing will be necessary to keep the team alive, especially in harder content like the Simulated Universe.

Jing Yuan Nuke Team

Jing Yuan – Bronya – Pela – Gepard

This team sees Bronya buffing Jing Yuan to amp up his damage, shredding enemy resistances with Pela’s ultimate so that they take more damage, and then shielding the team with Gepard. The combination of a buffed Jing Yuan and debuffed enemies will see you dealing massive damage. Plus, Pela’s ability to remove enemy buffs can be incredibly effective in allowing Jing Yuan to deal even more damage. If necessary, Bronya can be substituted for Tingyun, and Gepard can be swapped out for either Bailu or Natasha. 

Jing Yuan Fast & Furious Team

Jing Yuan – Welt – Asta – Bailu

This is an awesome team that revolves around Welt and Asta setting up Jing Yuan to have a free run at enemies. Welt works to disable and slow enemies, while Asta speeds up your team with her ultimate. The combination of these effects results in enemies not getting many attacks in while Jing Yuan gets the maximum number of hits in, efficiently triggering Lightning-Lord’s full potential. Bailu or Natasha can be used to provide healing, though Gepard can also be swapped in due to his shielding capability, as long as he has good energy recharge to keep it up frequently.

Those are some of the best team comps that you can run Jing Yuan with in Honkai: Star Rail. Let me know in the comments if you try out any of these teams and how they go for you!

And if you’re looking for more optimal builds for different characters, make sure to check out our full collection of guides to the game

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