Best Kafka Team Comps

Best Kafka Team Comps in Honkai Star Rail

The second half of patch 1.2 in Honkai: Star Rail adds the long anticipated 5-star damage-over-time queen Kafka. People were wondering if she would be good when she launched and, oh mama, does she have the damage and kit to walk the walk! Her personal damage plus her DoT damage are absolutely devastating, and she can put out a ton of single target DPS and even more AOE damage. In fact, her AOE damage can be so high that she even rivals Blade. If you’ve been lucky enough to pull her, then have a look at our build guide for her to make sure you’re attaining her full power. Next, you’ll need the best team comps to make the most of Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail, and we have just that right here for you!

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Best Team Comps for Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail

Kafka God Squad – Kafka | Sampo | Silver Wolf | Luocha

Kafka god squad comp

This team comp unleashes Kafka’s potential and allows her to output wild amounts of damage. One of Kafka’s amazing features is her ability to trigger DoTs on enemies when she uses her skill, instantly causing another 60% of their original damage. This means that pairing her with another capable DoT dealer like Sampo is perfect for setting enemies up to take devastating DoT damage every time she hits them with her skill. She also initiates a strong follow-up attack once per turn when an ally uses a basic attack, adding extra value to having supports like Silver Wolf and Luocha in the team.

Kafka gets a ton of extra damage from breaking enemy shields. As Silver Wolf has a chance to apply Lightning weakness to enemies, pairing her with Kafka makes Kafka more able to break their shields and deal her massive break damage. Luocha is the flex option on the team; he’s the best in slot, but if you don’t have him, you could use Bailu, Natasha, Gepard, or Fire Trailblazer in his place.

Kafka Triple DoT – Kafka | Sampo | Luka | Luocha

Kafka Triple DoT Comp

This is another incredible team comp empowered by Kafka, and its damage is pretty nutty with 3 DoTs being triggered by Kafka’s skill. The flurry of different colored numbers as the series of DoTs from Sampo, Luka, and Kafka trigger is super satisfying to watch. Plus, it’s cool to be able to use the new 4-star Luka in a team with Kafka as well. His skills are visually awesome, and he packs some serious damage to boot. Luka also doesn’t need to rely on using his skill a lot. He uses it every now and then to power up his basic attacks, which means he and Luocha can usually generate skill points for Kafka and Sampo to use. Luocha is once again the flex slot here. You can swap him out for your tank or healer of choice if you don’t have him.

Those are the two best team comps you can use with Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail. Both are top tier and a ton of fun to play. Kafka is well worth the pull so best of luck if you’re going for her! And if you’re looking for more build guides for particular characters or team comps, make sure to look though our full range of coverage.

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