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Best Luocha Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail best Luocha build Relics stats Light Cones 5 star 4

The second half of patch 1.1 is here in Honkai: Star Rail, and with it we get the brand new 5-star healer Luocha. An Imaginary element character that scales his kit off of Attack makes for a unique play style and build for this character. His healing is incredibly powerful and because he’s built for attack, he also puts out respectable damage at the same time, which gives him an edge over other healers. For these reasons, we placed Luocha in the S tier for our Honkai: Star Rail character rankings, and I believe he directly competes with Bailu for the best healer in the game thus far. If you were lucky enough to pull him, let’s go over how to build Luocha as best as possible in Honkai: Star Rail, including relics, stats to emphasize, and Light Cones.

How to Build the Best Luocha in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail best Luocha build Relics stats Light Cones 5 star 4


We want to scale Luocha’s attack stats as much as possible to provide him with the best healing and damage output at the same time. For this Musketeer of Wild Wheat is the best attack scaling set to go for. A piece relic set will grant Luocha an extra 22% attack just for the set bonuses, which is amazing right off the bat.

For the Planetary Relics, we’ll be going with the Space Sealing Station set; hopefully you managed to farm lots of these during the recent double relic drops event in the Simulated Universe! Having a 2-piece relic set of these will grant Luocha an extra 24% attack stat provided his speed is over 120. Otherwise, it will only be a 12% increase from the set, which is still very nice.

Provided the conditions are met, Luocha can be getting an extra 46% boost to his attack stat from just these set bonuses alone, which is already setting him up to be a strong healer and contributor of damage for the team.

Honkai: Star Rail best Luocha build Relics stats Light Cones 5 star 4

Relic Stats

For the main Relics, we’ll be looking for very particular primary stats with outgoing healing % on the Body and speed on the Boots. For the Planetary set you’ll want attack % on the Sphere and Energy Regen Rate on the Link Rope. If you don’t have these stats on these pieces yet, attack stats are always the next best go-to option for Luocha until you get an upgrade.

For sub stats, the focus will be in this order of priority: Speed, Attack %, Break Effect, HP%, Flat Attack.

Honkai: Star Rail best Luocha build Relics stats Light Cones 5 star 4

Light Cone

Light Cones are quite flexible with Luocha. His best in slot is of course his 5-star signature Light Cone, Echoes of the Coffin, but it’s certainly not necessary as his 4-star options are just as good. Post-Op Conversation is his best 4-star Light Cone, followed by Perfect Timing and Quid Pro Quo. Any of these options will serve him well, and if you have Bailu’s signature 5-star Light Cone, that will also be a good option.

That covers it for the best way to build Luocha in Honkai: Star Rail: If you’ve pulled him and build him like this, congrats, as you’ve got one of the strongest healers in the game now set up to carry your team on his back — or should I say coffin!

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