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Best Skills and Traits for Bounty Hunter Background in Starfield

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There are many ways you can build out your character in StarfieldOne of the first things you’ll have to decide on is a background for them. In this guide, we’ll be covering the Bounty Hunter background. Got the urge to become a badass Boba Fett Style bounty hunter? Then this is the background for you! You’ll need top notch piloting skills and weapon proficiency to deal both with bounties in space and on the ground. Here are the best skills and traits for building your bounty hunter in Starfield.

Best Skills and Traits for the Bounty Hunter Background in Starfield

Bounty Hunters are the specialists that hunt down wanted targets both in space and on planet. The background really leans into this with the starting skills it gets:

  • Piloting – Allows you to use ship thrusters while flying. With this you’ll be able to fly nice and quickly right off the bat.
  • Targeting Control Systems – Unlocks the targeting functionality for your ship so you can easily lock onto enemy ships to gun them down.
  • Boost Pack Training – You’re able to use boost packs, which are essential to getting around as a bounty hunter in Starfield!

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starfield bounty hunter background

The Best Bounty Hunter Build

The best traits in Starfield are subjective. You can use what ever you prefer, and it won’t be too impactful. I’ve chosen some traits that I feel suit a Bounty Hunter style character.


  • Introvert – You use less oxygen when traveling alone and more when with human companions. Bounty hunters typically roll alone or with a robot companion. This way you have the best chance of getting the drop on your bounties and there are fewer errors with a mechanical buddy.

Introvert trait for the Bounty Hunter in Starfield.

  • Spaced – Health and oxygen are increased in space but lower on planet. The majority of the bounties in Starfield are in space, so this can suit quite well to give you an edge.

Spaced trait for the Bounty Hunter in Starfield.

  • Taskmaster – Your crew will be able to automatically repair ship systems they’re trained in when they drop below 50%. It will also cost twice as much to hire new crew members. This goes with our Introvert playstyle for the Bounty Hunter. Fewer crew members, more efficiency is what we’re going with here.

Taskmaster trait for the Bounty Hunter in Starfield.


  • Ballistic Weapon Systems – This skill improves ship weapon damage and recharge times. We’ll want to be able to do as much damage as we can with our ship, especially when taking on tougher targets.
  • Boost Pack Training – We want more points in this skill to further improve how long and how often we can use our boost backs. Got to be able to boost around like Boba Fett!
  • Targeting Control Systems – More points in to this skill will give us a deadly fast lock-on time with our weapons. We’ll also take less damage from enemy ships and deal more damage to them.
  • Shield Systems – Being able to take more damage in our ship is always useful and this skill boosts exactly that.
  • Starship Design – This skill gives us more access to better modules. When fully leveled up, we even get access to some wild experimental modules.
  • EM Weapon Systems – This skill ramps up EM ship weapon damage and improves targeting. At max level, you have a chance to instantly disable enemy engines. This makes it extremely easy to board ships in Starfield and claim your bounties (and their loot)!
  • Boost Assault Training – This skill really takes your boost pack use to the next level. You’ll be able to burn and knock down nearby enemies, hover in place, and aim down sights while you do so. Maxed out, you can even slow down time around you by 70% for that sweet slo-mo head-shotting sequence.

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boost assault training skill in Starfield

These are the core skills that make up the build to make you feel like a real Bounty Hunter! Add in your preferred combat skills by specializing in a weapon that you like, and you’ve got yourself a very deadly Boba Fett style Bounty Hunter to play! Both in your ship and on enemy ships, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

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