There are some expensive items in Fire Emblem Engage, so here is the best way for how to farm gold quickly and make a lot easily.

There are plenty of ways to spend your gold in Fire Emblem Engage. Whether you’re looking to grab an expensive Master Seal to upgrade a unit’s class, restock depleted staves or outdated weapons and equipment to your troops, or even just grab a fly new costume from the clothes store, having enough gold to do it all is key to enjoying the game. So here is the best way to farm gold quickly in Fire Emblem Engage.

The Best and Fastest Ways to Farm Gold in Fire Emblem Engage

There are actually several quick and easy solutions to buff your gold account. One of the best ways to rack up gold earnings is by using the specific character combo of Tiki and Anna. Anna, the longtime mysterious merchant to the Fire Emblem series, has a special skill, “Make a Killing,” which utilizes her impressive Luck stat to cause an enemy that’s been defeated to drop a whopping 500 gold. Do note that Anna is a potentially missable character, so to learn how to recruit her, be sure to check out our missable character guide.

Tiki’s item, the Tiki Bracelet, can assist with maxing out Anna’s Luck stats and further improve the chances of a major coin drop with its HP/Lck+ inheritance skills. However, be aware that Tiki is a DLC character, so this strategy requires you to purchase the first wave of DLC.

For a way to get gold without paying for the DLC, players should donate gold to various kingdoms to get them to higher levels. This means that these kingdoms will spawn stronger enemy forces and armies that drop more gold, and, also at higher levels, these encounters will happen more frequently.

For some simpler and quicker ways to make gold in Fire Emblem Engage, you can sell any items your party isn’t using or doesn’t intend on using. It’s important to check out any potential treasure chests and purple swirls in missions for high-priced items or gold as well. Similarly, be sure to tackle Paralogues and other skirmishes so you don’t miss out on any important gold payouts.

Now that you know the best and easiest way to farm gold quickly, be sure to check out how to buy a Master Seal and other important Fire Emblem Engage tips!

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