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Bethesda Promises Nvidia DLSS Support for Starfield Is Coming Soon

Bethesda Game Studios has heard your pleas and plans to add official support for Starfield DLSS in a future update.

Bethesda Game Studios has heard your pleas and plans to add official support for Starfield DLSS in a future update. The RPG maker teased plans for performance-enhancing post-launch support in a recent Steam blog post. Its message to fans thanks them for the support since the space exploration game launched for everyone just last week, while also clueing players into what is in store for the future. Most notably, it looks like support for Nvidia’s DLSS feature is absolutely on the way, though Bethesda did not explain exactly when it will be released.

Today’s Starfield DLSS update also includes information about some of the other ways Bethesda plans to tackle player requests. Coming in update version 1.7.29 are performance and stability improvements across both PC and Xbox Series X | S, as well as some fixes for quests like “All That Money Can Buy” and “Into the Unknown.” Some other options that will soon make their way to the Settled Systems include brightness and contrast controls, an HDR calibration menu, an FOV slider, 32:9 ultrawide monitor support, and thank God, an Eat button for food. Bethesda says it will continue to roll out quality-of-life changes and stability improvements. Other player requests may also be addressed in the future, with the company specifically referencing the highly requested inclusion of working city maps.

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Bethesda also chimed in to reiterate plans to bring official Starfield mod support to players on all platforms sometime early next year. Bethesda lead Todd Howard had previously promised that mod support would arrive at some point in 2024. He also said that in-game mods would function similarly to how they do in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, something that was, again, confirmed in today’s post.

Starfield DLSS support, meanwhile, is easily one of the sci-fi project’s most requested PC features. In fact, it was one of the first options modders sought to include when the game first made its way to the public. Although official DLSS will likely make the unofficial version of the performance feature useless, it’s still available to download until Bethesda adds it itself. When the developer is finally ready to unleash DLSS in Starfield, you can be sure to read about it here.

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