This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee provides a history lesson with Bob’s Game.

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The greatest experiences in life are had by yourself. A serene walk upon a grassy hillside. A cold drink at the end of a long day. And of course the vile thing you’re thinking of that decency prevents me from spelling out. But speaking of ropey cum blasts, for our newest episode of the Zero Punctuation occasional guide to whoops we don’t say that anymore moments in gaming history, we turn to the world of solo developed indie games. It’s a world of contrasts: for every Undertale or Stardew Valley there’s a Yandere Simulator standing behind them breathing loudly through its mouth. But at least you can be assured of a purity of vision, suspect and weebish and slightly humiliating to bring up in mixed company though it may be, and they provide an unmatched insight into the mind and perceptions of an auteur. Of course, for that to work, there actually has to be a video game to deliver that message, and that was the sticking point for today’s subject: a game by someone named Bob called Bob’s Game. There’s that purity of artistic vision I was talking about.



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