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Can You Customize Your Characters in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 Customize Characters

Dead Island 2 features six zombie slayers, all struggling to survive in a zombie-filled Los Angeles. But what if you want to add your own personal touch? Can you customize your characters in Dead Island 2? Here’s the answer.

Can You Create Characters in Dead Island 2?

The simple answer is no, you can’t create a character from scratch. You have to start as one of Dead Island 2’s six slayers: Jacob, Ryan, Carla, Bruno, Dani, or Amy. Likewise, you can’t pick their starting stats or skills, and there’s no reallocating points, as you might find in Fallout 4

What you can do is use the skill cards you acquire as the game progresses to add new skills and swap between them to suit your playstyle. You can also get bonuses to existing traits. This system is not as extensive or in-depth as many RPGs but Dead Island 2 is an action game with RPG elements, rather than the other way around. 

Can You Edit Your Character’s Physical Appearance?

So, if you can’t change your character’s starting skills or stats, can you edit their appearance? Maybe you want to give Dani a mohawk or Ryan a fanciful Hunger Games-style mustache. Unfortunately, that’s also not an option. 

You can’t edit your character’s physical appearance. You’re stuck with the default character looks. Given this is a first person game and the only people who see your slayer are your co-op partners, that’s not a huge deal. 

What About Alternative Costumes?

The Resident Evil remakes have gone all out on the costumes, letting you dress characters in a variety of very stylish and very silly outfits. Dead Island 2 hasn’t, so far, revealed a wardrobe full of costumes, but there are at least two costumes on the way. 

The costumes are included as part of the Deluxe and Gold Editions of Dead Island 2 and are dubbed Character Pack 1 and Character Pack 2. The first pack includes “Silver Star Jacob” and the second features “Cyber Slayer Amy.” 

These costumes can only be used by those characters, though the included weapons can be used by any slayer. And, while only two character packs have been announced, we’d be very surprised if there weren’t four more in the works, so that each character gets their own alternate outfit. 

So, when it comes to Dead Island 2, you don’t have a lot of ways to customize your characters. You can’t edit their starting skills, but you can acquire more later on. And, while you don’t get to change your characters’ physical attributes, there are at least two new DLC outfits on the way. 

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