This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Cult of the Lamb.

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Steam is doing one of their quaint little themed sales at time of writing they’re calling Survival Fest, acknowledging the genre of survival crafting games in the same way one “acknowledges” a gigantic monstrous frog blocking all six lanes of the highway you use to get to work. But this has been a wonderful time for me because if there’s one thing I love more than anything else, it’s picking up bits of wood. I’ll pick them up in meadows, I’ll pick them up in forests, I’ll pick them up in singles bars if they’ve got shapely knotholes, I just can’t stop myself. My wife has had to buy all metal furniture because I keep picking up the wooden stuff but joke’s on her because I’ll be crafting a stone forge the instant she lets me play on the gravel driveway. And my goodness do I feel well served by the survival crafting genre and the wonderful spectrum of picking up bits of wood that it offers. But that said, picking up bits of wood has gotten so ubiquitous that it alone can no longer carry a game by itself for most people, cultureless bastards that they are, and so the challenge is now to find new gameplay styles that have not yet been enriched by the addition of picking up bits of wood.

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