Dead Space remake audio dev stream at EA Motive talks immersion, shares gameplay demo, confirms early 2023 release date window

EA Motive just premiered an extensive look at the audio work going into its Dead Space remake while confirming that it hopes to launch the project for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S in early 2023. The 50-minute developer stream didn’t share any shocking news, but it did serve as a nice reminder that the team behind the remake is keenly aware of what fans love about the original. It’s an early, in-depth look at the sounds of the game’s setting, the USG Ishimura.

One tool the team is using to create an authentic experience is the “ALIVE” system, which makes Isaac feel natural and, well, alive. In short, the system sees Isaac react appropriately depending on his situation. For example, he might wince in pain while speaking if he’s low on health. At full health, Isaac will speak without issue. It’s a dynamic system that aims to bolster one of Dead Space’s key offerings: immersion.

“One thing that is really important, in terms of gameplay in Dead Space and the experience, is the physical reality of that world,” Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola said. “The Ishimura feels like an actual place — you have all these physics-based powers, and you can cut the Necromorphs. All of these things need to feel real. One thing we wanted to enhance with audio was to give the same type of approach to the physics of the actual sounds and how they reverberate on the ship. That really makes that place something living, which you can believe.”

To cap off the audio presentation, EA Motive shared a gameplay demo giving fans their best look yet at its Dead Space remake. The full presentation can be seen below, but we have cued the video up to the gameplay demo at 57:40 for you.

EA Motive’s Dead Space remake emerged from the shadows in July of last year. So far, it looks like a brooding recreation of the original survival horror game that introduced fans to Isaac Clarke and Necromorphs in 2008. An August presentation shed more light on the project, confirming that Isaac’s original voice actor, Gunner Wright, has returned to lend his voice talents. Another developer stream is slated for early May, so we’ll learn more about what’s to come in a few months.

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