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What lies behind the Demon’s Souls remake’s infamous mystery door on PlayStation 5 has already been uncovered. Twitch streamer and speedrunner Distortion2 is seemingly the first to solve the secret of the door. Fans took notice of Bluepoint Games’ enigmatic door after it was quickly uncovered behind an illusory wall in Boletaria, and the reason it was strange was because it was not present in the original PlayStation 3 release of Demon’s Souls.

It’s been just more than a week since the remake launched, and it was yesterday that the door was cracked. As it turns out, players need to give somewhere around 30 Ceramic Coins to in-game trader Sparkly the Crow, which will earn them a Rusted Key. The rewards weren’t exactly world-changing for using it: The room on the other side contains a full Penetrator armor set and a sword. However, just having the Demon’s Souls mystery solved is likely reward enough. Distortion2 posted about his success on Twitter.

Bluepoint presented a similar solution to a mystery in its remake of Shadow of the Colossus when players needed to gather 79 Ceramic Coins to access that game’s Easter egg.

In other Demon’s Souls news, we recently found out that the FromSoftware remake almost included an easy mode before Bluepoint decided against the mode. Demon’s Souls launched alongside PlayStation 5 last week on Nov. 12 and was joined by Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and loads of backwards-compatible titles.


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