Destiny 2 players are holding vigils and paying tribute to Commander Zavala in Destiny 2 following the death of Lance Reddick.

Earlier today, the shocking and tragic news broke that Lance Reddick has died at age 60. It was the worst kind of news to receive at the beginning of the weekend, and fans are still processing the information. However, they’ve already found a great and healthy way to channel that sorrow. In Destiny 2, players are currently paying tribute to the character Commander Zavala, whom Lance Reddick had voiced since Bungie’s original Destiny game.

Twitter is already filled with examples of Destiny 2 players paying tribute, taking to their knees to honor Zavala and Lance Reddick. It’s rather touching to see, and it might remind one of when players took to Final Fantasy XIV to mourn the passing of Berserk creator Kentaro Miura back in 2021.

Commander Zavala has been a major character in the Destiny franchise, raising the question of what Bungie intends to do with Zavala moving forward. The developer has yet to address the death of Lance Reddick on any official channels, though it is pretty likely to issue a statement in the coming hours or days. There is a valid case to be made both to recast Zavala or to retire the character. If Zavala continues to be fundamental to already written Destiny storytelling, then the character must be recast. But if Bungie were to write an in-continuity conclusion for the character, it could leave a massive and memorable emotional impact on fans.

If you play Destiny 2, today would be a fine day to pay Commander Zavala and Lance Reddick a visit.

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