Eidos Teases Future of Deus Ex with Dawn Engine Screenshot

Deus Ex Dawn Engine 310x

The next Deus Ex gets a new-ish engine, a whole world to play with.

It’s been three-plus years since Deus Ex: Human Revolution came out (crazy, I know), so it’s no surprise that Eidos Montreal is talking about what’s next for the cyberpunky franchise.

That chatter came today, in the form of a blog post over on the Eidos Montreal community hub. Community Manager Sacha Ramtohul posted about the future, focusing in on the tech foundation for the next Deus Ex evolution.

“In the past, we’ve relied on existing engines for our games,” said Ramtohul. “But in the end, we found that our creative vision was somehow limited. So we decided it was time for us to invest in creating an engine tailored for our needs.”

The end result is the Dawn Engine, which is a modified version of the Glacier 2 Engine used by IO Interactive on Hitman: Absolution. The new-ish engine “…will form the cornerstone for all Deus Ex Universe projects at Eidos-Montréal.” Ramtohul is quick to point out that “Deus Ex Universe” does not mean there’s a DE MMO on the way. “Deus Ex Universe is the name we are giving to the fictional world and the rich lore we are creating for it, which will of course include core games, as well as any other projects that will help bring the world of Deus Ex to life.”

The screenshot seen up top (big version here) is a generic display of what the engine is capable of — it’s not from an in-development Deus Ex game, apparently. Either way, there’s plenty of detail in there, so the next crop of Deus Ex projects should look pretty sharp on PC, and new-gen consoles.

Expect more news in the coming months — a PAX East teaser, perhaps? Maybe some news on that Mankind Divided trademark? Fingers crossed.

Source: Eidos Montreal

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