I left you because......

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For liking members of the opposite sex that I don't like.

Because she likes the same ones that you like too...

Because I apparently had more in common with Shockey than I thought...

Because he's a human being just like the rest of us!

For liking similar music to me.

I need music I just can't get into (Which is why I love Kembo Slice.)

Because it's too damn early...

Because you're always late

You never Call anymore :(

Because he wants to be called, maybe.

You never take me out anywhere anymore!

Because I just can't keep up this long distance charade.

Because you won't even look me in the eye!

Because you don't like me for who I am!

You always eat all the food in the fridge, and you don't even pay for it!

Because I realized you were a man.

I left you because you hate Christmas!

You put out my fire, now it's cold.

Because the Queen has called for me to an expedition to the south pole.

Because you're colourblind.

I left you because you have it and you flaunt it!

I left you because YOU SOLD ME OUT TO ZEUS


Because I have to travel to deepest Africa by orders of the queen.

Because you keep getting ordered to do stuff.

Because it is all about you!

Because you sold all my stuff.

Because you hit me in another thread.

Because you liked it.

Because it would take someone special to thaw you out...and it wasn't me!

Because you've changed.

I left you because you spend all our money on coffee!

Because you're anniversary gift to me was more than appalling!

Because you yell a lot.

Because you don't yell enough

Because she certainly yells at me enough...<.<

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