If you were to hit the escapist above you, why?

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For not delivering more packages!

Because I just drank a whole bunch of Stella!

For being Satan!

For being prejudice against Satan! Meanie!

Because he bothered writing all that.

For kicking that trash can!

I didn't kick any trash cans!

For promoting unfamily friendly values.

For making me talk to a brick wall.

For shooting me... and for those guns not having any recoil.

For dissing my "fanfics".

How having the oddest couples ever. DX

For having way more posts than me...

For having a broken avvie.

For not busting down that wall!!

Because... Reagan Smash!


Because he just posted a .gif

For thinking I'm a troublemaker for doing it...<.<

For assuming I think he is a troublemaker

For not suggesting it first :P.

Because she did suggest it before...<.<

For not admitting it. Not that I'd know >.>

For having a poorly put together brick wall over his avatar...<.<

You have to admit, the bottom is decent enough xD.

For not changing their avatar to a Christmas one >:(, unless I missed it >.<

Because I didn't finish it... School stuff got in the way... I'll just do it next year...<.<

So I can steal his Lain gifs.

For shooting at me.

For being a giant spaghetti monster.

for having small text in his avatar!

For being angry!

For not being angry!

For being a press junketeer. Which sounds suspiciously like gutter journalism.

For abusing the Wabbajack! Ah shit *gets turned into a basket.*

For thinking the Wabbajack shouldn't be abused.

Because you're all the time eating glue!

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