You know you've been on the Escapist too long when...

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Olympus has been renovated.

When your join-date pre-dates the Big Bang.

It's racist to speak Engrish.

All you care about is pizza.

You remember why the checkpoint system was made.

You remember Barbas's original avatar.

You don't remember Neptune.

The flag no longer waves.

You're the burning man!

This is all starting to make a weird sort of sense.

The stimulants are wearing off.

When you arrive to kick bubblegum and chew ass.

Beethoven played his last symphony.

Atlanta has been lost and rediscovered.

The latest Aug is out.

You have outlasted three epidemics.

Some new games are out.

When you're finally so sick of Half Life 3 jokes that you actually prefer it never releases just to spite the fans.

The gates of Hell have been stolen.

One arm has atrophied.

Dutch oven is a legal means of torture.

You've gained and lost seven bounties.

You're acting your favourite horror games in the dark.

You live and breathe memes.

The boys from the Dwarf are back.

When you want Moviebob back just because the video content has become so barren.

Radiation levels are dropping.

you have a posting rival.

It's been awhile since you went swimming.

...But you're still wet! o_o

It's time for some Wine.

You make wine from snail pee.

A Polymorph is disguising itself as upvotes.

All edges should be serrated, really.

The Nazis are back for more.

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