The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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"No problem, Aeris..." Mika said with a smile, holding Aeris' hand and then blushing brightly when she kissed him on the cheek. He made a slight muffled squeal of happiness, excitement, and embarrassment... His cheeks went bright red and he just went somewhat silent for a few minutes, unable to talk. "Th-thank you..."

He couldn't help but just bury his face into her shoulder, and just walk close with her, with his face in her blouse, with a wide smile on his lips as he made adorable noises.

Tyler followed behind the group silently, keeping alert in the dark forest. Night was falling, which made visibility all the worse. All around them, he could hear the rustling of (what was hopefully) Pokemon in the thick brush. If the group wanted to travel through this forest in the dark, they were welcome to do it. Tyler, on the other hand, was trying to find a decent place to camp for the night.

"Um... are we just gonna charge on through? Or do we take it slow and wait till morning to reach Pewter? I favour the second option myself. Who knows who or what could be lurking deeper into the woods".

Rochelle seemed to reflect his thoughts. "I second that," Tyler chimed in. "Don't think it'd be very safe to keep traveling through the forest if it's pitch black. I suggest finding a place to spend the night and head out to Pewter in the morning".

Rogue yipped happily as Jordan petted her. She was thankful for him helping her and sorry for biting him as well. "Seems she's starting to like you, well not as much as I do I should say." Fary laughed and sighed. "so um about that kiss, feel like repeating it?" she asked Jordan smirking. "Hell not that I minded it my self, I liked it honestly." she added. Rogue jumped up and tried to push Jordan to Fary and yipped. "Zoora rara zorua." Kiss her you idiot, she likes you.

As Terinth walked alone in the forest, she heard rustling and odd noises all around her. She got a bad feeling that going off on her own was a bad idea. She decided it was a bad idea to just wander aim-lessly around the forest, and decided to set up a camp. As she got her sleeping bag out of her backpack, along with her two pokemon. As they came out of their pokeballs, Lillipup yipped happily, but Mankey sombered around, and eventually settled down beside Terinth to guard.

"Thanks, you big ball of fuzz." Terinth said, trying to at least lighten it's mood a little. It seemed slightly depressed, and she figured that was a bad idea. As she layed down to try and sleep, she hoped that nothing tried to attack her while she slept.

Aeris giggled at Mika's reaction. She thought he looked cute, looking so flustered and blubbering. She liked seeing him like this, but she hoped he wouldn't be like this for too long. He felt warm being against her like this, his hand felt good with hers in it.

Aeris found a nice spot to sit down on, and was about to sit down, when a little Caterpie approached them. "Ooh, a cute little Caterpie. Lets get some data on you." She kissed Mika's cheek again and let go of his hand, then took her Pokedex out of her pocket and aimed it at the Caterpie.

Worm Pokémon
Type: Bug
Height: 0' 12" (0.30m)
Weight: 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)
Its short feet are tipped with suction pads that enable it to tirelessly climb slopes and walls.
Moves: Tackle. String Shot.

"Aww, aren't you just the cutest?" she said in a childish voice as the Caterpie approached her. He lifted his head up and looked at her. Blaze stood back, just observing what was happening. The Caterpie didn't exactly look like he wanted to attack, but Aeris felt that he had fighting spirit. "Would you like to fight before joining me?" The Caterpie nodded and stepped back. "Blaze, you're up." Aeris said to her Charmander, who happily stepped forth. The Caterpie saw that he was at a disadvantage, but didn't turn back.

"Ready?" Aeris asked the two of them. Both Pokemon nodded. "Alright. Battle!" Blaze started by scratching the Caterpie. It did some damage to him, but not enough to bring him down. He countered with a tackle, hitting Blaze in her stomach. She held it for a moment before going back to scratching the Caterpie. She knew she could end the fight with a simple ember, but she felt like cheating if she did. She and the Caterpie kept fighting for a few moments, until she had managed to wear him down. The Caterpie looked up at Aeris with a satisfied look on it's face, or as satisfied as it's face could look. "You did well." Aeris said while taking out an empty Pokeball. She threw it at the Caterpie, who was absorbed into the Pokeball in a red light. The Pokeball bounced on the ground a time or two, then twitched and shook for a moment, before giving a clicking sound, signifying that it had been caught. Aeris walked over to the Pokeball and picked it up. She kissed the Pokeball. "My first Pokemon that I caught since I got the Pokedex. You were good, Blaze. For now, just rest." Blaze looked satisfied at her Trainer, then found a nice place to sleep on, curled up together and closed her eyes.

Aeris walked back over to Mika. "Well, with this Pokemon, maybe I have a better chance at beating the rock Pokemon this first gym leader has. But not right now. It's much too young and inexperienced to fight much." She shrunk the Pokeball with her Caterpie in it and put it on her belt. She then for no reason hugged Mika.

"Uh...well...I'm totally up for another kiss if that's what you want," Jordan started, the nudge at the back of his leg seeming to help push him in that direction. He certainly thought about it. But still, it wouldn't be good karma to do that right in front of everyone, would it? Especially considering that it was kind of important to get heading to Pewter City as soon as possible. "Uh, but you know what? Maybe we should hold off, just until we get as far as we can and get set up, right? Isn't that what the outdoors people do? I dunno, I'm just gonna follow them." He followed after the group hoping that Fary would join him.

After about fifteen minutes or so of walking, where a few wild Pokemon were fended off with ease and Aeris finally got her first Pokemon catch on the board, they found a clearing, and it the lone wolf of the eight, the blond girl, was asleep in her bag, her two Pokemon surrounding her. "Uh, maybe we should just camp here, since there's already, like, a person here and stuff." With the sky showing nothing but the pitch-black contrast between the tree leaves and the sky, this seemed like a good idea. Besides, this would be a good base camp for catching things...

Fary smirked getting an idea. "Hmmmm there should be a Murkrow around here. A great dark type to have really." Fary said letting her Nidoran out as soon as she saw two flying from some grass, "Go Horny." Fary said sending out her Nidoran. "Use peck." Horny did as he was told. Soon after that Fary throw the Pokeball catching it rather quickly. "Haha Rogue another dark type Pokemon." Fary said running over to the ball. "Hmmm this one will be called Raven." she said clipping the ball to her belt walking to a nice clearing.

Fary looked back at Jordan pulling out her tent and started setting it up. It wasn't too hard really, just a few poles and it was set. After about five minutes it was done and she leaded in to the tent and unrolled her sleeping bag making sure Jordan got a good look of her ass.

Seeing two Murkrow emerge from nearby grass and hop around a little before one flew off and the other was caught by Fary, Rochelle took a little time to examine them. The Pokémon were small and kind of cute, the way they looked at each other or around the place warily before their peace was disrupted by Fary.

"Another dark type Pokémon," she heard Fary note as she picked up the ball she used to catch her Murkrow. Dark-type... the term was unfamiliar. That would be something new to learn, perhaps. Rochelle resolved to find the other Murkrow and catch it, in order to to learn from the Pokémon as she raised it and trained it to battle.

She looked up at a nearby tree, quickly remembering the direction the bird had flown. Presumably there was a nest somewhere... "There you are," Rochelle said quietly to herself, spotting the large twig-and-leaf nest built into a tree branch. Checking to see if she could see one of the others in the group - she didn't want to get lost - she pulled out Kirsten's Poké Ball and opened it up to release the Horsea. Rochelle's new Spearow would be in no condition to battle, plus she had to befriend him first and give him a name.

"Hey, Kirsten," Rochelle said gently, knowing that the Horsea had taken a hit or two during the Spearow battle. "I need you to use your Smokescreen on what's up in the nest there. You see it?" She gently turned Kirsten in the right direction and pointed up at the branch.

"Hor... sea!" Kirsten said cheerfully as she blinked a couple of times and shot the familiar black ball from her mouth. It landed bang on target, exploding and producing its cloud of smoke. The second Murkrow from before flew out and landed on the ground in front of Kirsten, cawing loudly as the threat presented itself. It shot a sharp look at her, and she shivered at the sight of the aggravated bird.

"Don't be afraid, Kirsten, just do what you do and you'll be alright," Rochelle coaxed. Kirsten responded with a Bubble attack in the Murkrow's direction. She did so, the attack hitting with the usual effectiveness. The Murkrow cawed and charged Kirsten before Rochelle could react, running across the forest floor and hitting her from the side before she blew another stream of bubbles at her opponent. Again, it affixed her with a sharp gaze, though it seemed to be hurt by the bubble attacks.

Rochelle pulled another Poké Ball from the pocket of her pack and tossed it at the Murkrow, hoping that Kirsten had weakened it enough to keep it in the ball. As with her Spearow, the ball dropped to the ground and started twitching. One powerful shake, then two, then three... then it stopped with the identical click. She'd done it.

"And that's two we've caught together. Great work," she praised Kirsten as she picked up the Murkrow's ball and secured it on her belt, who seemed to cheer up a little at the comment. She looked like she was tired after the battle, so Rochelle picked her up and carried the little Pokémon on her way back to the rest of the group, her latest acquisition next to the other two Balls she had used and a smile of victory on her face.

Jordan was staring at the full moon out the tent. Not really, but Fary's ass might have well as been the way it was presented to him. It was pretty nice. Wouldn't mind getting a better look at the front though. Wait, I can't think about that, we should be getting a fire going! Jordan had been to enough camp outs on the beach to know a fire was essential. That's where you put the frying pan and cooked stuff!

There seemed to be a good clear space in the middle of the clearing. "Alright Pokebros! Come on out!" He pulled the two Pokeballs and into the clearing appeared both Vince and his newest acquistion, Spike. Spike seemed a little out of it but was, for the most part, recovered enough from the earlier battle from Vince. "Alright Vince bro, we need some firewood so we can build a fire, and have some good times. You go out there and chop whatever you can find, and bring it here. Little Spike bro, need you to find some rocks and stuff, so we can make a good pit for said fire. OK, ready to go bros?"

"Scyyyyyther!" Yeah! Gonna chop stuff!

"Mankey! Manman." What! Wait, OK, yeah, rocks, yeah.

"All right bros, and if anything gets in your way, you take it out! Now get on it bros, I want a nice fire!" Vince and Spike set out on their appointed tasks on the outskirts of the clearing. But Jordan knew he would have to make a good enough depression for the fire to sit in, to make sure it was optimal for pan application. He was hoping to get some help, but he didn't want to ask Fary to do it. She seemed busy with the tent, plus she probably wouldn't want to dig anything. But who could he get to help....wait that Tyler kid. He was around, he could probably help. "Hey Tyler bro! You want to help me dig this pit out a bit for like, a fire?"

Fary watched Jordan look at her ass and pulled out her cooking gear. "Once the fires started I can cook something. I have some food packed with me like spices and soup mixes. All I need are some eatable mushrooms." Fary said sending out her Zorua and Mukorw. "I need both of you to find some mushrooms, ones we can eat." Fary said. They both nodded and ran off.

Fary got close to Jordan and smirked. "so you liked the view Jordan?" Fary smirked as she spoke in his ear a soft purr at the end.

Tyler nodded. "Uh...yeah! No problem, Jordan," he replied as he headed over to him after Flirt Girl whispered something in his ear. He had some limited experience in things like this thanks to a short stint with the Scouts. It wasn't his choice as much as it was his parents', who thought it would get their son out of the house for a while and teach him some discipline. Although he went into the program kicking and screaming as a child, Tyler was now silently thanking his parents for forcing him to join it. Those wilderness skills, although a bit rusty, would come in handy in situations like this.

"So...what are we gonna use to dig the pit?" he asked Jordan. Looking around, the Trainer didn't see any sort of shovel or digging implement. Suddenly, an idea hit him. Tyler searched through his backpack and pulled out the Pokeball that contained his Nidoran. "My Nidoran can help us out," he explained. "Okay, Tank. Help us dig a hole!" he said as he released it.

Resolving from the red energy, Tank blinked a couple times and twitched his ears around, getting an idea of his new surroundings. "Ran ran?" it said, in its distinctive high-pitched chattering.

"Do you think you can help us dig a pit for the fire?" Tyler asked Tank.

Tank nodded and began to scratch at the dirt, taking decent-sized chunks out of the damp soil. Tyler also started, digging up dirt with the heels of his shoes. He looked up at Flirt Girl, who was sitting awfully close to Jordan. " think you can lend a hand?" he asked her. "By the way, I never caught your name. I'm Tyler Page".

Terinth woke up with the noises all around her. She sat up and looked, and saw that the group had found her, and was setting up a camp. She grunted in recognition of the group, and saw Tyler was trying to make a fire pit.

"Lillipup, go help them." She said, watching as her pokemon trotted off happily, going next to Tank and starting pawing at the ground, bringing up clumps of dirt. Terinth looked around and saw Fary, laying next to Jordan. Terinth wiped the blood that had slowly come from her nose, making sure Fary saw it, then layed down to fall asleep again.

"Awesome, little bro!" Jordan complimented as Tyler's Tank went to work. For a little guy it sure was kicking up a good chunk. He started digging along with the other two went Fary snuck up behind him. She was right in his ear, she had caught him checking her over. "Uhh...yeah, yeah that was pretty good," he told her as he looked over. "Think I like this view better though." This was true, he definitely preferred the front to the back. Meant she wasn't leaving for one thing.

Jordan got distracted by the emergence of another set of paws digging at the ground. The blond's little dog guy joining in. He looked over at her, it looked like she was still asleep. Still nice of her Pokemon to come in and help. The pit was almost done as Spike returned with the first batch of rocks. He had a few scratches indicating some fighting but he seemed to come out of it OK. The rocks were all sort of misshapen, but nothing like Jordan hadn't worked with before. "Good work Spike bro, just need another batch like this, k?"

"Mankey! Mankey!" Yeah, rocks, yeah, I'll get 'em, yeah, OK. With that it hurried off into the bushes again.

"Cool so once Vince bro gets back with some wood, we'll be able to get a real good fire up."

Fary smirked and giggled some. "Well you can see more of the front if you want... later." she said. "Oh if you want I can throw your pack into the tent." she offered smiling softly still next to him her. She was crouched over with Jordan but knew she shouldn't dig being the one to cook their food, not very clean you know. Then she looked over at Tyler. "I'm Fary Nitashi, nice to meet you." Fary said warmly and smiled some then looked over at the girl she punched out smirking seeing that she was still bleeding. "You had it coming." she said to her self.

She couldn't help but look back and check Jordan out as well and smiled liking what she saw. She wasn't shallow really but enjoyed something that looks good. Rogue and Raven came back with loads of eatables from mushrooms to berries.

While the other group members worked on setting up camp Simon was a short distance away, trying to think of what he could do to help. Fire, food, and shelter, seemed to be taken care of to various degrees. Simon dropped his bag onto the ground and began shifting items around. "I guess we could be the night watch." he pondered out loud. "What do you think?" he asked, pausing his search to look down at Shadow.

"Yen..." The Poochyena's response was noncommittal. He was focused on the two Pokémon who were digging. Simon chuckled and continued his search. He pulled out a small black cylindrical device with a curved handle out of his pack. It was a flashlight. Well, technically it belonged on his bike so it was a bike light. But at least now he could see better. Simon activated the light and used it to look around his pack. He next removed a small plastic case and his sleeping bag. Simon spent a minute or so undoing the knots he'd tied then he shook the sleeping bag out to its full length. Shadow turned at the sharp snapping of cloth sound the sleeping bag made. He watched as the cloth settled onto the ground in a smooth motion.

"There we go." Simon slid his glasses off and put them in the plastic case he'd retrieved, dropping the now-protected eye-wear into his bag before closing it securely. "I'll be right back, okay?" Simon told his Pokémon. "Do you want to stay here or come with me?" The Poochyena yipped and ducked his head through one of the straps on the pack. Then Shadow dropped down on top of the sleeping bag.

"I guess you're staying here then. Alright." Simon hooked his flashlight onto his thumb and turned toward the larger grouping of people. It was hard for him to see exactly who was there. Simon remained still for a moment, debating on whether or not to walk closer.

Tyler did his best to tune out Fary's blatant advances on Jordan as he, Tank, and the new addition from Terinth made the finishing touches to the fire pit. He made a note to scan the unfamiliar-looking small dog Pokemon with his Pokedex later. Standing up and brushing the dirt off his pant legs, Tyler looked down at the fire pit. He was satisfied with their work, but he wasn't sure if Jordan was.

"Hey, Jordan. You think this is deep enough?" he asked. It was then he became aware of a light shining from behind him. Turning around, Tyler squinted his eyes at the bright and focused source of illumination. Thanks to the darkness around them, he couldn't make out the form holding the flashlight. "Who is that?" he asked cautiously.

Jordan stood up and got a look at the pit. It was hard to tell with not much light out. "Uh...." Suddenly there was a bright light shining from behind him, illuminating the clearing. "Yeah that's pretty good actually. I dunno who the light is but its good right now man." Right after the light shone, Vince returned, it's scythes full of wood that had been slashed into almost disc shapes, apparently in a bit of overzealous chopping. "Uh....good job Vince bro," he said. "Might want to leave them a bit longer next time."

"Scy!" OK! He dropped the wood down next to the hole.

"OK, well go find little Spike bro, make sure he's got enough rocks and bring him back, OK?"

"Scy!" OK! Vince dashed off into the forest to find his brother and bring him back.

Now that that was settled, Jordan started placing the rocks around the pit that had been dug. He turned around to the girl who had been all over him so far on the trip. "Well, all I got is my sleeping bag, to be honest. And my frying pan. So if you want to chuck it in your tent, you can totally go for it."

"If only I had some matches, or a fire type Pokemon." Fary sighed before getting up and grabbed Jordan's sleeping bag putting it in the tent next to her own. Raven and Rogue seemed to be shaking some to Fary put them back in there Pokeballs for now. "I'll let you guys out when that fires started." she promised.

Fary got a great idea feeling the cold rush up her spine but waited until Jordan rejoined her to use it.

Jordan was almost finished putting the first batch of rocks around the edge when he heard rustling in the bushes. He turned around, unsure if it would be an attack he would have to be ready for, but his fears were unfounded. Vince and Spike emerged, both carrying rocks of various sizes. "Beauty, bros, help me spread them around the pit here." Both followed the commands, Vince doing as best he could just pushing the rocks into place, and in a matter of seconds the pit was properly surrounded. Jordan chucked the wood coasters that Vince had made into the middle and sat back down where he was before. "So, uh, yeah, anyone else got something to make this fire? Like the fire part?"

Fary smirked and let out a shiver. "Man it's really cold. Wish I could warm up but I can't seem to do so." Fary rubbed her arms shivering more exaggerating it some but enough to make her point. She looked over at Jordan with pleading eyes, her legs where cold, hell her whole body was cold. She had a jacket and some pants but that would take the fun out of what she was doing.

Jordan looked over at Fary, it didn't really feel that cold but of course he was wearing a sweatshirt. "Well once the fire catches, I-" then he looked at her face, it had a look that said 'I'm not really cold, guess what I really want.' Jordan thought for a few seconds. Uh...does she want my shirt? She can't have that. Um, maybe if I just hold my arm with the shirt around her, that will work! Yeah, then she can have the feel of the shirt, and I can have the feel of the shirt! We both get some shirt! Awesome!

He brought Fary closer to him and wrapped his arm around her back. "Uh, there, that'll have to do until we get a nice fire going."

Fary cuddled into him from the side nuzzling her nose into his chest some. "Hmmm that's better." she said her voice making sure to tell him he made the right choice. She couldn't help but cuddle more to him moving even closer but didn't want to almost be in his lap. She was happy, warm and had him close to her. Bliss.

Being not too far away, Aeris heard that fire was needed. She nudged Blaze, who opened her eyes. "Seems like you're needed. Lets go. I'll be just a moment, Mika." She smiled towards him and walked over to where Jordan and Fary were. "You guys needed a fire? Just so happens that I have a Charmander, if you hadn't noticed before." She looked over at the hole that had been made with the rocks around it and wood in it. "Just a bit of Ember, Blaze." Blaze nodded and spew a bit of fire onto the wood, making it heat up around it. "There you go. For future reference, I have a fire Pokemon if you need to light something again. Now don't let me ruin the moment." She giggled at the two of them and walked back over to Mika with Blaze, who curled up on the ground again and closed her eyes. "I'm back." she mused towards Mika, wrapping her arms around him and placed her head on his shoulder.

Mika's face was bright red when Aeris kissed and hugged him, but he was slowly growing used to her affections. He really liked her, and she seemed to feel the same way about him. With a few deep breaths, he smiled as she rested her head on his shoulder, and gently placed his hand on hers, giving it a little squeeze and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Ya know, Aeris... I really like you." Mika said blushing, admitting his feelings for the girl. He smiled softly and kissed her again, Bones smiling up at his trainer. "I mean... I really like you. I... I wanna thank you for being so nice to me. You're a wonderful girl..."

Mika couldn't help it, and leaned in for one more kiss... this time planting his lips against hers.

Mika's kiss surprised Aeris, but she didn't pull back. In fact, she leaned more into the kiss, holding it with him. This was her very first kiss, and she liked it. A lot. She held her arms around him still, holding him close to her, then finished the kiss and smiled towards Mika. "I like you too." she said and kissed his nose, then giggled. "Lets take things slowly, though, okay? Wouldn't want to rush things." She poked his nose lightly and giggled again. Blaze had one eye half open and smiled at the scene she saw of them in each others arms.

Red came over, much to Jordan's surprise, and brought with her walking fire. She lit it up and as soon as she came she left. That was a shame, Jordan wanted to thank Red for what she did, but she was already gone, back in the arms of Stick. That matchup was also surprising, but anyway.

He turned to Fary, who was now nestled against him. "There we go, now that's a good fire right there." Vince backed off instinctively. He may be young, but he knew what fire meant, and it was bad news for him. Spike just seemed entranced by it, walking up to it, staring at it. A little weird.

"Hmmm I more like it here in your arms then by the fire though." she couldn't help but look in his eyes and smile. "Well I guess now would be a good time." she said placing a hand on his cheek and once again pressed her lips to Jordan's with a bit more force then last time.

She wasn't sure if it was flirting or just being a couple any more but she knew they both enjoyed it. She, without thinking, sat in his lap kissing him more.

Jordan was a bit more ready for Fary's kisses this time than he was the last time. She was coming at him harder than before, but that was OK. When the girls at the beach did it, they were usually too timid to put anything behind it. This girl knew what she wanted, and Jordan was going to give it to her.

He pulled her in closer, pressing right back against her. He closed his eyes, but here was the tricky part. When to actually go for the make out? Too early and the girl got offended. Too late and it became almost like a friend kiss. It had to be timed just right...

"Mmkay... You're right, we shouldn't rush things..." Mika said with a smile, cuddling Aeris and holding her hand. Bones smiled and snickered a bit, laying down next to Blaze and watching their trainers get all cuddly together.

I am glad you are happy, but keep your own advice. We don't need any conflict in our group so early because of your relationship.

"I agree, Bones." Mika said, turning back and nuzzling at Aeris' cheek. "So... does this mean we're a couple, then?"

Fary moved a hand into his hair opening her mouth some to let him know she was well more then ready to let him in. She giggled in the kiss enjoying the moment. She licked the bottom of his lip trying to egg him on. She pressed into him some her free hand going to his back before she let her hair down.

This wasn't Jordan's first rodeo, he knew what an opening meant, and he knew how to use it. He started moving his tongue forward, opening his mouth enough to let it meet with Fary's. He could feel them going over each other. He moved his free hand up to the back of her head, holding it, keeping her steady while he worked.

Fary moaned softly sending her tongue to dance with his leaning into him more and more. She was feeling pure bliss. She wasn't sure how far to take this really but wouldn't mind going further. "Hmmm Jordan." the softly moan escaping her lips. She started to want more and leaned back some.

As Rochelle walked into the makeshift camp, guided by the sudden appearance of the bright orange light that was associated with fire, the first thing she spotted was the two couples. Jordan and Fary were making out near the open fire - at least one of the two seemed to be enjoying it, judging by what she could hear - and Mika and Aeris had their arms around each other a short distance away. Rochelle felt a strange feeling of frigidity in her chest, but quickly dismissed it, wanting to ignore the activities of the others.

She sat down a short distance from the open flames, careful of Kirsten, took her pack off and set it beside her, rolling her shoulders with a sigh of relief. "Good to have that off my back, eh, little one?" she asked Kirsten rhetorically. In response, the little Horsea snuggled deeper into her arms, a little wary of the fire. Rochelle remembered her self-learned lesson not to look directly at the open flame; it damaged your eyesight if you stared at it for long enough. Unfortunately, the only things around besides the dark and gloomy forest were the two couples. She had to find something else to occupy herself... Her new Pokémon. That would work.

Rochelle pulled out the three Poké Balls on her belt. One was empty and showed signs of use; it was Kirsten's ball. The other two were almost indistinguishable from one another. That was a problem. She didn't want to accidentally bring out the wrong Pokémon at the wrong time. Mentally resolving to find some way to tell the Balls apart, Rochelle set one on her left side and the other on the right. That left Kirsten's empty one, which she held near the Pokémon in question.

"You look tired... could probably use a rest," she said quietly, hitting the button to return Kirsten to the ball. She replaced the ball on her belt, picked up the one on her right and opened it. In a flash of red light, the Spearow she had caught appeared before her, head cocked to one side and eyes narrowed a little. It seemed wary of Rochelle, presumably thinking of its surroundings and the human sitting next to it as unfamiliar territory.

"Hey there, little fella," Rochelle said gently, extending a hand to the Spearow. "Remember me? We met a while ago. My name's Rochelle."

The Spearow cawed at her, hopping a little closer to the hand, and eventually jumped into Rochelle's open palm. "Aww, you're so cute," she added, scratching its head near where an ear would be on something such as a cat or Meowth. "Gonna have to give you a name, little guy. Um... How about..." She ran through names and nicknames of her extended family and friends from her home in Goldenrod, quickly picking out a few of different genders: she couldn't tell if the Spearow was male or female.

"Amy? How d'you like that?" she asked. In response, the Spearow ruffled its feathers and looked at Rochelle as if to say, No. Just... no.

"Alright, so not Amy... Jenna?" Again, a negative reaction from the bird. "Sorry, sorry. You must be male, right?" The Spearow chirped happily at Rochelle before shuffling a step or two away from the fire. "Okay, so you're a guy... Ah, got it, here we go. What do you think of Phoenix?"

Phoenix chirped again and nuzzled Rochelle's wrist with his beak. "There we go. Nice to meet you, Phoenix," Rochelle said with a smile.

Jordan followed Fary as she leaned back, taking them both slowly to the ground. He kept his arm behind her as a brace as he collapsed on top of her, still kissing her passionately. He was in the process of moving his free harm to the front, around Fary's stomach when his own stomach decided to make it's feelings on the situation known.


Jordan felt the waves of hunger hit him hard and he sat back up. "Uh...I'm sorry, Fary. I guess I can't really concentrate on the awesomeness with my stomach doing gnarly things like that. Uh...did you say you can cook?"

Fary smiled and sat up and laughed some. "Why thank you Jordan and yes I can cook. Mushroom soup seems to be what I;m making tonight." Fary said brushing her self off. "Oh and you're an amazing kisser as well Jordan. If you want to get further with me you might want to ask me out." Fary said putting a rack followed by a pot on the fire filling it was water, powdered milk and mushrooms. She pulled her hair up again before getting to work on the soup. She added some dried chicken stock and fresh cream she got this morning stirring it.

She couldn't help but look back at Jordan. She enjoyed that kiss, maybe even more then Jordan did. Maybe he felt the same, maybe she was a way to get some. She didn't know and wanted to know how he felt but knew she couldn't push the matter.

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