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Fromanzio handed William one of his bombs. "They are all equally powerful, this might just make him more mad than anything else, but if that happens Fromanzio could possibly sneak behind him." Fromanzio also had an idea, it was really annoying when his bombs went out, however the solution to this was simple.

"Also, wait about three seconds before throwing it. At that point, the bomb will enter a critical stage and be impossible to defuse. Hopefully the beast can eat in less than two seconds."

William smiled when he got the bomb. "Thank you allot Fromanzio and it might be best if you were to sneak behind him just in case things went sour." I don't no if I can trust Fromanzio but I am sure I can trust him better then a troll. William pushed the bomb into the meat, and made an small side hole for the fuse of the bomb. He quickly sowed the bomb into the meat and then looked at it. It was hard to see he walked back to his pony and grabbed his flint and steel.

William took an deep breath and then began walking toward the troll with an big smile on his face. He tuned the meat around hiding the stitch mark. The sound of the fuse burning would be really soft and William would begin talking or making some kind of noise so he wouldn't hear it. On the inside he was scared but he knew that this was their best shot so he had to take it. He walked over to the troll and offered the meat smiling brightly. If the troll was to accept it and grabbed it he would light the match. And then the bomb would go off in about 5 seconds in which William would stand there and react to whatever he would do with the meat.

The troll was starting to get angry with all this waiting he had to do, when he saw william starting to move towards him with the meat, the troll moved forward quickly, grabbing the meat with one hand, though he also ended up grabbing onto Williams arm by doing this, he grabbed williams body with his other arm, violently pulling williams arm out of his first hand. The troll looked at the meat in one hand and william in the other, he threw the meat over his shoulder, while moving william towards his jaw. As the meat passed over the trolls shoulder, the bomb detonated, after the smoke form the bomb cleared the body of the troll was seen lying on the ground missing its right shoulder, head and part of its back. Its left hand was lying on top of william who was now covered in troll fat, blood and meat.

Bom wandered foward, unfazed by the sight of all the steaming flesh.

He scooped the offal off of his comrade, and helped him to his feet.

"Maybe we could save some of this for later?" Bom said, licking a fat coated finger.

Williams plan seemed to be working until it went wrong. He was also picked up by the troll. "LET ME GO you big ugly bastard!!" The troll didn't think that way however. As he threw away the meat and brought him closer to his mouth. William was really scared and wanted to defend himself. But caught in the trolls grip he couldn't free his arms or use his weapons. He looked into his open mouth and thought to himself. Is this how it ends?

But fate had other plans for William it seemed the explosive went off. William felt an shock wave and lost his ability to hear for a short moment. And then he was flying through the air inside the trolls hand. He was too stunned to do anything to protect himself. He then hit the ground he couldn't see (helmet is covered in goo) or hear anything (loud explosion) he did feel something heavy lying on top of his chest and smelled an horrible smell. But didn't have the power to remove whatever was laying on top of him. With all of his might he manged to say with an weak voice. "Can I... get some help please?"

Then he got help from the person he almost least expected Mr.Bom helped him to his feet. He was saying something but William couldn't hear what he was saying. William coughed a few times loudly and then said. "Thank you Mr.Bom I owe you one." His knees were shacking and he looked like he was about to fall over. He was also feeling sick with all the goo covering him the smell was horrible.

Rias ran over to help William "you ok?" she asked before hearing Mr Boms comment "yes, get some of its fat if you will Mr Bom, it's a great for cooking in" and turn back to William, checking him over to see how hurt he was

William looked at Rias who began talking to him, he however couldn't understand a word she was saying to him. "I can't hear you right now because of the blast sorry." He said a bit too loud, as he didn't hear it himself, he couldn't judge how loud he was talking. His armor besides being covered in goo looked undamaged which made him smile. He also hadn't broken anything and also hadn't any bleeding wounds. But he did feel like he just went a few round with his unarmed instructor. He then used his arms to drop a few big biles of troll fat onto the ground and hand of the troll. He looked at the troll and then smiled. It seems like lady luck is still on my side. And I am also happy that fat ugly bastard is dead.

He then looked back to his comrade. Dangerously much adrenaline was racing through his veins.I can's stand this goo! William said. "I will be right back!" He then bolted toward the river and jumped into it. The ash escaped his armor just before he hit the water. He made a big splash before disappearing into the water. He couldn't be seen for a few seconds before his arms appeared and grabbed land. He began pulling himself back onto the main land goo free but really wet.

Rias giggled at Williams display "well least he's ok" and helped Mr Bom collect some of the trolls fat for later

As it turns out, Fromanzio was correct. No god had ever made a bomb proof creature yet. Perhaps a knife or arrow proof one, but bombs were always his go to solution for pest control. "Oh look, bombs save the day again!" Fromanzio replenished his bomb bag, leaving his chest with thirty nine fire bombs and forty one regular bombs.

Some of the goo had landed on Fromanzio, being behind the troll and whatnot. He just considered himself lucky that the shrapnel had mostly missed him. "Fromanzio does have his limits, not many mind you but they do exist. Smelling like troll fat is about where he draws the line." Fromanzio quickly ran into the river and struggled his way out. His clothes now soaked, it would take a while for them to dry.

Bom wrapped up several wads of fat in some cloth, and stowed it away. He retrieved his clothes, and chuckled at the sight of the others taking a wash.

"That's why I take these things off before a fight!" He shouted at them.

Suddenly, something occured to him. He turned to the farmer, who had apparently watched the whole affair from a distance.

"Problem solved, sir", he said with a bow. "Now was there anything else we have to watch out for in future?"

William managed to get himself on dry land. He felt sore all over. And even though the smell was gone his armor still felt strange. He manged to lift himself up of the ground. He looked at his companions and couldn't suppress a short laugh about Fromanzio also taking a short swim. And Rias and Bom seemed to do something with the troll fat. He stretched his sore muscles and promised himself that he wouldn't risk himself again during the next fight.

It was then that he remembered the farmer early saying something about a reward. He slowly began to walk make his way to the farmer. His hearing had mostly returned by the point that he reached the farmer. Bom seemed to be talking with the farmer. William asked the farmer a question after he had answered Bom."I heard you say something earlier about this being a job? How much was the pay supposed to be?" I don't need this mans money. But perhaps he has an horse or some meat. I could replenish my lost meat, or ride an horse making me able to rest.

"Now was there anything else we have to watch out for in future?"

'well I don't know what yea expect me to say, I live on this farm, I knew there was a troll their because I saw it, I can't predict your future.' The farmer said while picking his ear with his pinky finger

"I heard you say something earlier about this being a job? How much was the pay supposed to be?"

'You didn't ask to get paid to kill that troll you did that of your own free will, so I ain't paying you anything, now if you could "please" bugger off, I got some work to get on with' the farmer responded

Fromanzio skipped over to William smile wide. He whispered "I ask this without knowing if you will say yes, but if the leader would like, Fromanzio could persuade the farmer into giving us a reward. Just say the word and Fromanzio will get you one!"

Fromanzio was itching to stab someone. This would make an excellent excuse.

Fromanzio was suddenly standing near William he then whispered."I ask this without knowing if you will say yes, but if the leader would like, Fromanzio could persuade the farmer into giving us a reward. Just say the word and Fromanzio will get you one!" William looked at Fromanzio with an disapproving look I need to go easy on him he did give me one of his bombs. He whispered back
"Thank you for the offer but I will most likely never use those kinds of means to acquire what we need. So we will leave the farmer alone."
William turned around and began walking back to his pony. Tired both mentally and physically. He had been thrown around twice today, he wouldn't be able to keep this up for long.

as the farmer turned around to get back to his worker he turned to the man covered in plate armour 'and that's how to go around killing trolls' the farmer then walked back to his house muttering something

The man covered in plate armour then turned to the group and said 'that was my job to kill that troll, you just made me loose money and I expect you guys to make up for that' the man said while raising his fists.

"That was my job to kill that troll, you just made me loose money and I expect you guys to make up for that."

Bom would have raised an eyebrow, but for lack of eyebrows.

"There is no need for that, sir. Here, have some troll fat." Bom offered the man a cloth parcel of the stuff.

'I don't need troll fat, I need money, and if you guys don't give it to me their is going to be a problem' the man continued keeping his fists raised.

Bom turned to the others. "He wants us to pay him for the job he didn't do."

Bom could feel the conversation slipping from him.

"Listen, sir, we are, uh, on a very important mission. So if you could just step aside, there shoulden, uh, there should be no problem. Yes?"

The man punched Mr.Bom in the face, the man was obviously a strong feller as the punch carried some force behind it.

'I don't need troll fat, I need money, and if you guys don't give it to me their is going to be a problem'

"Oh, is there now?"

Shrugging his cloak off his shoulders, James allowed the reigns to drop from his grasp. Cracking his knuckles, the thug walked forward, critically eyeing the armored man before him. "You just said that you didn't have enough coin to buy a sword, and I don't see any other weapons on you. You've got about 40 kilos of metal weighing you down, a pair of fists, and a bad attitude to help you.

"In case your counting skills are a little lacking, there are six of us, almost all armed with swords, bows, explosives, various blunt objects, and sheer, brute strength. How well do you think your plate's gonna hold up to one of the clown's bombs, huh?"

James halted just in front of his challenger, not even bothering to raise his fists as he continued to speak. "Tell you what, I'm a reasonable guy. Strip, and leave us whatever pathetic amount of coin you do have, and I'll let you leave with your bones still intact. Sound good?"

"Listen, sir, we are, uh, on a very important mission. So if you could just step aside, there shoulden, uh, there should be no problem. Yes?"

It seemed that the man wasn't in the mood to listen to reason, considering the punch he had thrown towards Mr. Bom's face.

"Hey, now that's not very nice." James hand flashed out, wrapping around his foe's wrist. "Last chance."

Bom recoiled from the strike. It caught him off guard and made him stagger. He felt something wet on his coat - he looked down and realised the punch had made him spill troll fat all down his outfit.

Dumbstruck. Bom blinked for a moment, and then he let out a howl of rage. His eyes rolled back into his head, like a shark about to bite. His muscles bulged within his ragged outfit, and his body seemed to coil up.

Within seconds of being struck, Bom was swinging out at the armoured man with both fists, all reason and gentlemanly pursuits gone form his mind. He was determined to get that pitiful little man, and no one was going to stand in his way. If he could, he would sink his teeth into that fools face, and crush the life out of him.

James noted the enraged Yama charging towards him. "You know what, change of plans. I'd advise that you just curl up and surrender; you'll get hurt less that way."

Having said his bit, the vagabond slid to the side, leaving Mr. Bom a clear path to the target of his rage.

William heard the first blow and turned around. He sighed loudly as he began to make his way back to the armored man. Don't any of those brutes know anything about diplomacy? Then Bom exploded and attacked him and James just stood bye.

William began to run as fast as he could and he screamed at Bom. "I ORDER YOU TO STOP RIGHT NOW!" he then looked at James. "James help me restrain him!" William knew that on his own he would never be able to restrain him. But with James help they might pull it off. William grabbed on of Bom's arms as he was preparing to hit again. He quickly trapped it inside an hold he had learned. He felt however that he wouldn't be able to hold the lock for long. He was almost exhausted and Bom was far stronger then him. "JAMES WHERE IS THAT BACK UP?!"

The man grabbed James arm before he could slide away 'that clown ain't gone throw a bomb while I got one of his friends' The man then didn't hold back letting out a 200 joules punch against James's chest.

It was all James could do to remain standing as the man's fist slammed into his gut. Retching, the vagabond doubled over as he gasped for air; the only thing that kept him from tumbling to the ground was the man's grip on his arm. This guy was more than just durable, he was strong.

A smile began to slowly creep across James' face, as he forced his body to straighten back up. "Guess I won't be needing to hold back, eh?"


"The 'back-up' is getting ready to crack someone's head!" Winding his free arm back as far as it could go, James slammed his clenched fist into his foe's armpit, reflexively negating the resisting force the armor would have inflicted on his fingers.

At the same time, he shifted his legs, sliding one just behind the armored man's feet. All it would take was one more decent blow, and he oughta be able to trip this guy.

William saw that the man punched James in the chest even though he was trying to help him. This annoyed him greatly, he let go off Bom, William slided into the mans blind spot. Swords are out of the question. But my shield isn't! William grabbed his steel shield and hit the man from behind with it against his head. He hit the man on the back of his head with the side of the shield with an full power surprise blow.

as james's punch hit the man, he threw himself to the left, james's leg swiped under the man's mid air legs 'watch were you fall' the man said as he dropped to the ground like a rock. he was still holding on to james's arm, this caused james to fall face forward into Williams shield.

Fromanzio had already been informed not to blow people on his side up. He sighed, "On normal occasions this man would be entirely wrong, but I already blew up a troll, I want to stab something."

Fromanzio grabbed his knives, analyzing each of them with extreme interest before picking one. A sharp hooked knife that looked like it was used to drain blood out of corpses. It gleamed in the light as Fromanzio raised it in the air and without any restraint, yelled at the top of his lungs. "If this man is to underestimate us, especially Fromanzio, then he shall understand the full terror the market brings with it!" He began laughing maniacally as he waited for James to subdue the man long enough to get a good clean stab in the neck.


There were few sensations more discombobulating then taking a shield to the face. James' ears rang like bells and his vision blurred as he bounced off of William's shield, tumbling to the ground in a tangled heap of limbs.

As his eyes slowly began to refocus, James was treated to a sight no sane man should ever see: Fromanzio waving his knife in the air, mouth spread in an ungodly cackle and with a demonic gleam in his eye.

"Well," the disoriented thug muttered as he tried to shake the cobwebs from his head, "fuck me."

With few other options, James began to bounce his free fist off his foe's armor. There was barely any strength behind the blows; they did little more than bounce off the metal with a slight ping.

Rias sighed at the exchange, popped the lid to her bottle with energy, placed her hand on the ground. the red mist vanished for a moment before forming a serrated spike that shot up from the ground, aimed so that James would be in no danger, how ever if the man didn't let go off him he'd lose his arm

Now released by William, nothing was impeding Bom. He charged at the man, windmilling his arms like a beserker. He reached the figure, immediately after he sent James flying into the path of William's shield.

The man quickly got back up while letting go of james's arm, he then runed to face Bom, he was in the middle of attempting to deliver a 300 joule kick into Bom's chest, when the red mist spike shot up form the ground, hitting the mas leg, the tip of the spike broke as the man lost balance and fell backwards.

With his arm now freed, James took a few seconds to steady himself. Shakily, he rose to his feet, bracing his arms against his knees as he stood. "I'm... I'm okay. Jus - just give me a second..."

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