Zero Punctuation: Wet

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I was thinking that Wet looked bad and was once again a sadly flailing attempt at a third-person shooter bang on yahtzee keep it up.

Excellent work once again, Yahtzee, I especially enjoyed the pillock sketches and I kind of feel sorry for his boss, who has to put up with his stupidity.

Anyone else notice he slipped a limerick in there this week? (For those that missed it, replay and pause at 0:40.) I have to say, that was my favorite part of the entire review, with the "Pillock" joke coming in for a close second. Two thumbs up! :)

Well I guess I really dont like games with badass chicks. Its not girls job to carry guns or throw big men around with those matchstick-wide arms. But great review anyways.

Sexist much?

From the demo, I fell in love with the style of the game. I have a weakness for ridiculous 70's grindhouse excess, which is why I dug House of the Dead: Overkill, despite it being a very simple game (Not like HotD was ever particularly complicated). I left the demo worried about the controls and the level design, though, and it looks like those worries were well founded.

I dunno, I may still rent it.

Critiquing Rubi for being too unlikeable seems kind of like critiquing water for being too wet. I mean, she's a Grindhouse heroine. That's just who she is. Although it is definitely a fair critique to say she's too one-dimensional.

If this game starred Yahtzee it'd be about 3x better. This tops all your others so far. :D

godamn yahtzee makes me laugh at least is good to see someone still cares on gaming

I'm a kind of dry person really

Well at least the Title "Wet" makes sense to me thanks Yahtzee and very clever with the oil drum at the end.

inb4 banhammer.

Also, I thought the humor was a little dry in this review.

Bah dum TISH

I dunno, I thought his jokes were well-delivered.

I was excited for wet when i first saw it, but then i heard nothing but negative things about it. I'm glad I didn't buy it, I'll get it when the price drops.
Regardless, good review. I've always had a problem of games wanting you to go into slowmo when you shoot.

Probably the best review this year.

I really was waiting for Yz to revieuw this, wet isn't that great after all, i'm not going to buy this game, thats also because i've a Wii, but still Even if i had a Ps3, i wouldn't buy it.

There are so many other games that I was hoping you would've reviewed. Brutal Legend, ODST, Uncharted 2...

But Wet? Who the hell cares about Wet? At no point in time was I wringing my hands together waiting for Wet to be released.

If it wasn't for the retarded commercials I see, I would've forgotten it even existed.

"Wet Box" just seems to reveal that there is a porn company by that name. You can also get a response from "Wet Box Prototype". :P

That said I didn't have much interest in this game, and it doesn't surprise me that it got reamed. I didn't see much about it that seemed impressive at all, even when it was being hyped early on.

Also for the record, the thing with "Grindhouse" Heroines is that you have to make them tough but also likable. If they failed in that case with Rubi, then it's a spectacular failure. What made "Kill Bill" for example was that for everything going on you generally wound up liking "The Bride" thinking she was cool, and empathizing with her and the way she did business.

It's also notable that part of what made Kill Bill was that it also seemed to be a homage to the B-grade Samurai cinema. See, part of the whole schtick was that the heroine didn't act like a totally mercenary assasin. She quite clearly approached the people she had an issue with, on THEIR turf and called them out. There was definatly an honor thing involved, and I think part of the entire point (and even the title of the theme music, especially in the first movie) was that her enemies lacked Honor but she did not. O-Ren sending her minions and such and refusing to face her, the sneak attack by Vivica Fox's character at the beginning, the trap Bill's brother inflicted. The only character that had honor was "California Mountain Snake" (Daryl Hannah if I recall) and you'll also notice she is the only character who is not 100% confirmed dead despite being a complete [email protected] I think there is a message there.

I am guessing "Wet" lacked most of the things that made the work that seemingly inspired it great. Even in like "Planet Terror" you could empathize with a lot of the protaganists at least enough to find them amusing. :)

Rag Doll:
I love Pilloc

me too! GENIUS!!! -goes to jump in front of the train-

I notice you don't mention that this is steaming pile of drek is a Bethesday Softworks product. I was honestly surprised to learn this. The Elder Scrolls games, while boring and pretentious, at least tried new things and seemed to be leading up to the at least interesting Fallout 3. What is this? Are they planning to merge vast, samey, and boring with trite, samey, and irritating? (Maybe the conversation pie in Oblivion is the first warning sign).

I'm left wondering if Pillock works in the same game design studio as Gonad, since Terry has probably long ago thrown himself into traffic on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

This game certainly didn't make me Wet.
Ahahahaha.. mm
i secretly love that pun even if i did rip it off another video *sigh*

Pillock was cute though.

One of the funniest one ever. From the angler fish in an SS uniform to the conversation between "Pillock and Boss", this one was just awesome.

Great review VZ but was expecting Halo ODST.Still funny as hell.

Read Extra Punctuation. He's not doing it.

You nailed it! EVERY GODDAMN SHITTY THING that had me reciting mantras of mental strength in order to force myself through to the end of the game! Unlikable protagonist, stupid shooting controls, the annoying artsy-looking rage mode, the mandatory arena fights, confusing level design, stupid commercial panels, epic loading times AND the game freezing during a loading screen! It's all here!
This was a well-deserved maiming, and I was laughing through all of it! Thank you, Yahtzee!!!

Nice brutality my lord

Great review VZ but was expecting Halo ODST.Still funny as hell.

He's not reviewing this. See most recent XP.

EDIT: oops, someone beat me to it. Oh well. Hoping he reviews Brütal Legend next week. Want to know if it's actually any good.

"Pretentious arty bullshit-o-vision"

Another quote for the book.

Wow my friend from Spain fucking CALLED it, it is EXACTLY what he said XD brilliant to hear that support.

Classic Pillock...

Good ZP, bad game
I was so looking forward to this game and now I'm disappointed.

never look forward to anything.





Theres a void here just before creed and modern warfare two,
... I guess just because the companies want to release closer to christmas?
more awesome stuff here yahtz


What is it with you people? I've been here for almost a year now, and every single time Yahtzee Croshaw makes a thread, people like you just HAVE to be first in line to post. You cannot possibly have watched the video that fast! It's impossible! You posted 60 seconds after he did, so how the hell can you say, 'awesome stuff as usual'? You didn't watch it!

I mean no disrespect, but honestly, just what do you get out of it? Do you have an orgasm every time you're the first to post in a thread? Do you realize that even if you did, and that's a big IF, you'll still be suspended or probated?

I just don't understand why.

W. T. F.

What the hell, people? Why did this have to happen again? Now, I'm not blaming all of you, but SEVEN people on THE FIRST PAGE alone were probated or suspended!

Why does this have to keep happening? Don't you understand the mods don't like 'First!'-esque posts? Nobody cares if you post first in a thread, even a Zero Punctuation thread! Nobody! And even if we did, you WILL get suspended or probated for pulling a stunt like that!

So let's end the cycle.

Post when you see a thread pop up when browsing the forums normally, don't wait until MIDNIGHT just so you can post 'FIRST!11ONEONESIX' and get suspended.

People don't say 'Pillock' enough any more.

the last few episodes sucked. it's nice to see yatchzee back on top pillar... whatever!
keep these funny one's coming.

I'm so curious if he will review Brutal Legend in the future what will he say about it.I think he's into those don't-take-themselves-serious games.

in three words: usual, shitty, game.

You've done it again Yahtzee. This video sums up my opinions of this game to a tee.

Though I am disappointed that he didn't mention the stages where the unclear movement puzzles combine with the red and black filter to create a truly frustrating and headache-inducing experience. ;)

One of the funniest one ever. From the angler fish in an SS uniform to the conversation between "Pillock and Boss", this one was just awesome.

Great review VZ but was expecting Halo ODST.Still funny as hell.

Read Extra Punctuation. He's not doing it.

Damn! Still a very funny review,one of my favorites....Ha Pillock!

EDIT: oops, someone beat me to it. Oh well. Hoping he reviews Brütal Legend next week. Want to know if it's actually any good.

Yeah he'll probably do brutal legend if Australian entertainment people don't ban it.
I might get it for christmas when the price goes down a bit.

PS. how did you get the U with the .. above it?

I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say, BRING BACK PROPER BOSS FIGHTS!!!
QTE's are fine if used responsibly, using them to replace boss fights is not using them responsibly.
Anyway, good review. Funny as always.

Armored Prayer:
"I do not advertise googling 'Wet Box' with the safe search off."

Note taken, I cant imagine the results.

I did that out of curiosity. The images weren't horrific, just-- well, actually why don't you go and see for yourself? :)

OT: I shoulda known Yahtzee would tear this game a new one, but it's still a shame because the game itself isn't a catastrophie, though it does need quite a bit of work.

Good work slaughtering terrible Ideas for terrible games.

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