But, I LIKE this Cliché!

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I'm pretty certain you could buy time extensions in fallout 1 in the form of a water caravan for quite a high price.

Yep. It extended the time until they ran out of water, but decreased the time before the Supermutants found the Vault and killed them.

The Benj:


BioWare/Obsidian games often times have a court/trial scene in them where you have to talk to individual voters and attempt to convince them to vote one way or another. To varying degrees, I think most of BioWare's games have had such a scene. This is definitely a cliche I've enjoyed.

I remember the one in KOTOR, which pissed me off to no end because the entire quest was a dark side trap. There was literally no way to finish that quest without getting dark side points. I was playing as a light side character for my first playthrough and I had to waste multiple hours trying to finish it in EVERY. POSSIBLE. BLOODY. WAY. After I discovered it was a dark side trap, I had to revert back to a DAYS old savegame. That still pisses me off to this day.

Really? I didn't gain any Dark Side points. *shrug*

Damn you...damn you good sir!

Now I'll have to go and do the whole friggen thing over again and that is the worst friggen part of the whole friggen game...Just to make sure that I wasn't friggen wrong or something...


That's all I have to say on the matter.

Some people seemed to miss the request to name conventions that you think are GOOD. Anyway:

Having an "evil" character of either muted amorality (like Canderous) or who is compelled to serve (HK-47). Adds variety to the party, without falling into the "why the hell is this guy here?" problem.

Humanizing the grunts of the Evil Empire, bonus points if they wind up acting like bored frat boys. Final Fantasy VI got a lot of mileage out of this idea, and it's had a special place in my heart ever since.

Entering houses to "gossip" with the residents. This isn't Canada you know.

BBEs. I love them to death. The bigger, the better. I get tired of fighting progressively tougher coconut shelled humanoids. Just for style, give me a surprise 3 headed giant or a massive snake that weaves in and out of the boss room taking pot shots at you while you spin dizzily around quaffing potions screaming "Is that all you've got!?" at the computer monitor as it attempts to cut the rubber band that connects the torso to the legs of your otherwise indestructible G.I.Joe in fantasy armor avatar.

Y'know what, thinking about how RPGs work - leveling you up though steadily harder challenges until you're powerful enough to beat the big-bad - if I was the big bad I'd organise regular death matches with anyone who wanted a shot at me. That way, would-be adventurers don't go through the whole 'killing all the henchmen and becoming super powerful' routine and I can casually dispatch them one at a time :D

Of course, using a well-trained stand in at the matches would be a good idea, but it would make a jokes-worth start to an RPG - to get sent straight up against the big bad and killed, right off the bat... then the real game starts and you (well, your new you - son or brother, maybe) carefully avoid getting your butt kicked, heh

I love how the enemies I face are never overleveled (in RPGs with levels). While it may not make sense, I'd hate to run into a planet-destoying demigod right after leaving my burning homeland.

- Races -
Elves are ALWAYS gay or queer-looking (I am looking at YOU, Warhammer Online! I played a Highelf Archmage)
Orcs are bloodcrazy beasts with axes.
Dwarfs drink beer and arer absolute experts in working in mines and processing metal.
Humans can't do shit against the other races but tend to have the biggest realm under their control.
Undead are made of pure EVIL ... with onions!
Dragons love gold ... and the meat of peasants. Nothing else
Wolves are evil as well, but damn weak. Never seen a real wolf, huh?

- Politics -
Kingdoms or Tyrannies are best. Democracy is for the weak!
War must have a epic reason. Not just fighting against another cult or realm because of diplomatic reasons or scarce ressources, but against an EVIL, DEMONIC cult or realm to save the world.

- Magic -
Elemental magic (fire, earth, water, air) are almost mandatory, if magic is implied.
Light magic is good, dark magic is evil
Fire magic does the most damage

- Others stuff -
Warrior, mage, rogue, archer, priest ... what else do you need?
Guns (except old one-shot pistols) are prohibited. Absolutely. Might and Magic VI with its Laser blasters doesn't count!

That are the most common ones I can think of.

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