Stolen Pixels #200: Breen Fortress, Part 6

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Excellent strip, but I'm willing to bet that you'll end up having to do this exact same HL: Episode 3 joke when you get to #400. :D

Shamus you are an evil, evil man. And probably because of that, I love everything of yours I've ever read. Congrats on the milestone!

Brilliant. I loved the action scenes on the background and how Claptrap ruins everything. Just like he always does. I hate Claptrap.


*Were sorry, were experiencing techinical difficulties, please hold.


Fantastic Work Shamus! I love your comic!

See that article on all Spies being jerks?

Certain cartoonists take that jerk-dom to an entirely new level.

Well done on that ;)

Oh you little tease you...

*Tips hat to the celebratory 200*

ARGH! Stupid Claptrap.
Although the visible bits were still amazing. "Goodbye Kasumi." -"I'll never forget you, Metro!" had me in stitches. Well played, Shamus. Well played.

You are an evil man, Shamus. But I love your comic, and I love your blog, and I love Let's Play, and I love Spoiler Warning, so I can't really hold it against you. Here's to another 200 strips! Or at least until you're sick of it. ;)

I see what you did there...

So... who says we kill the robot?

He's a very good writer; I've enjoyed his blog since the first DMOTR came out. But he makes a lot of typos that get into his final product.

As for advertising, I didn't post a link. Just mentioned it.


*sound of GAU-8 spooling up*

I see what you did there...

So... who says we kill the robot?

My GAU-8 is wound up and ready, you say when we open up.

Best one I've seen in a while.

I actually cant believe that i missed that all the amusing crap he writes next to the comic was covered up by the robot as well...
Heres to hoping that he makes this strip again without the robot in the way for #201.

Hehe, great stuff. For some reason, even though I knew that it was all one big image, I tried to click the link...

Anyhoo, grats on the 200 and here's to several more!

Motherfunker! :P

haha! Nicely done, Shamus!

Congrats on 200, and also...


Hoping for another 200!

I knew that was going to happen, but it still hurt.

Dear Young,

I hate you and love you in equal measure.

Jonn Wood

PS: You look like Alan Tudyk.

Best. Comic (of yours). Ever.

Well played good sir!

"We have to go. They will be here any minute."

Shamus, you bastard! Nah, I kid, I kid.

I no kid...

Even got Kasumi. Metro is slick

friggin claptrap D:
how bout this: No claptrap, No 'spoilers' but we get to read the whole strip?

We've been given another reason to hate claptrap. As if there weren't enough already.
Excellent move, you clever but oh so vicious bastard. Keep 'em coming.


Congrats By Reaching 200
Also: Can 201 Be The Real End We Can Read?

I almost had a heart attack a few hundred times.
That was funny, and annoying, not sure how but it worked.
And i do come from the future, 900 stolen pixels are way too much for me to read.

(ps: if you are wondering, no, HL2:3 hasn't been released yet)

Good job, now people who haven't played borderlands can join in our hatred of Claptrap.

In the words of a certain Air Pirate...*pistols*

Dance for me, Claptrap.

God, I love this.


Awesome comic. And happy 200th!

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