PAX 2010: Hands On Duke Nukem Forever

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Could they not have hired some slightly better looking chicks I mean this is Duke Nukem...

There are lies, damn lies, and Duke Nukem Forever.

I think Starcraft 2's slogan applies to this game more than any other. "Hell, it's about time."

Actually, and I find this a bit Intriguing, one of Tychus's secret-lines that you get from clicking on him multiple times is: "I'm here to Kick-Ass and chew Bubble-gum. And I'm all out of Bubblegum..." -I shit-you-NOT
Then there is the Marine-Unit's Line which is more along the lines of: "I'm here to Kick-Ass and chew Bubblegum, and Forget it!" -which is Probably what Duke himself would say if this Game isn't released for a Couple of more years.

So yeah... "It's about DAMN Time!"

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