Show About Games Show: Kinectimals & Big Planets

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Brilliant. I love you guys

The LBP part was fantastic, but it did show up the other two segments.

First was trying too hard and needed a little more background, while the background was what ruined the second part. Needed to be a little closer.

But yeah, the LBP part alone made this.

That was absolutely incredible to watch.

The Kinectimals thing at least addressed something we all know is just a little uncomfortable to talk about, but did it in kind of a very silly way to really enjoy it.

And you had to remind me about Uniracers? I used to play that game a bunch as a kid. I guess the game loses its novelty after awhile.

And LBP only made me think of that OK Go Video where they pretty much do that big ass Rube Goldberg invention, because I don't have a PS3 to know what LBP is all about.

BTW: Did anyone get the feeling when the guy started playing with the furry Kinectimal that a nod for a "For your Consideration: Webby Award" or some thing like that would have popped up? Maybe it's just me, but that would have been the kicker.

The Kinectimals skit was a little creepy at first, but when they got to the LBP scene, I was impressed at how awesome that was.

all of it made me lol, keep up the good work :P

First Sketch: Started out funny, became about a bit boring and then became insanely creepy. I don't even understand that ending!

Second Sketch: Alright. Don't fully understand it, mind. But it was alright.

Final Sketch: My jaw is still on the floor! How in holy hell did you do that? It was incredible! And that vocal cover of The Go! Team! I was all prepared to write off this episode, but that last section was simply aces!

You've just earned yourselves a regular viewer!

I was a bit creeped out by the knectimals
but I was laughing the whole time through out the little big planet!

The LBP thing was incredible but may I suggest finding a really good Stephen Fry imitator to narrate? :)

Woofy, that guys lost pet in the kinectimals sketch, so should have turned out to be a tamagotchi. Funny stuff though.
LBP sketch was obviously awesome.

the LBP part was by fr the most amazing and fun thing I have ever seen. I am still smiling from seeing it.

again nothing i could really connect to but i appreciate the work put in the LBP scene

And also: WTF was that ninja doing on a unicycle???? What was that i didn't even!?

With you on that one, buddy. Must be a reference to a game I've never heard of.

OT: First sketch was cringe-worthy, but the LBP bit was epic and very heartwarming (though not funny, but who cares?)

I shall add you to my RSS feeds, and we'll see how it goes from here!

I don't think this series will last long, because of the amount of work they put into each episode (did you SEE that LittleBigPlanet section) I would get sick of doing that much work per episode after week 1

Kinectimals... soo creepy, I was giggling nervously for the enitre first half, didn't quite get the unicycle bit, thought playing with the bigplanet dols was just sad-
*jaw dropped*
that was awesome, and technically brilliant

If you guys can keep doing stuff like this every week then keep it up! I don't think anyone would blame you for going bi-weekly you guys really certainly bitten off a lot to chew.

As for the present, FANTASTIC episode. I didn't really know where the Kinect thing was going, or the unicycle, but the LBP level was ridiculous.

As everyone's said; the LBP sketch was amazing. I like the Kinectimals part too but I really wish I understood the ninja on the bike. :(

my only suggestion is that the camera man should find a couple of those pills that helps steady yourself because i found shaky camera rather distracting at points


First sketch was funny then fell into the world of creepy, and then shifted to creepy-funny. The left me unprepared for the LBP section, if that was intentional you are genius, if it wasn't take credit while you can.

I wonder how an old school Goldeneye FPS would look on your show; where would you put the comedy?

I liked the Furry part, but it felt a little drawn out for me.

I also enjoyed the Middle Transition skit, though I felt it was too short.

The Ending made this whole thing worth it! You guys did something that only few people could outside of LBP and LBP 2 (And LBP PSP) could. Great work! I can understand if you can't do another thing like that, but you've officially hooked me with that final skit!

How long did that littlebigplanet set take to build? That was amazing!

The actual building of the set took a weekend. A bunch of friends helped us put it all together. But getting all the materials and co-ordinating took a couple weeks. We started hoarding cardboard boxes. The days leading up to the build, Shaggy's house looked like those cramped antique stores only with all craft supplies.

The first bit sucked my soul out. The second one gave a few pieces of it back though.

This show just keeps getting better and better! Can't wait to see next Thursdays ep.

The Kinectimals sketch didn't do much for me other than make me cringe, but the LBP segment was obviously a labor of love and very well done (the cameraperson did an amazing job.)

Scarim Coral:
Oh god I was laughing so much at Kinectimals furry edition until he started to conquer his fear. Then it got creepy. Oh the Little Big Planet is very impressive although I wonder how many takes did you records until you got it right?

Surprisingly not as many as I thought it'd be. Our Glidecam Op was amazing, we only did about 5 takes! Choosing which take to use was tough though. The takes were similar but each had different strengths.

First skit was kind of weak, but that Little Big Planet section more than made up for it.

Wolf Devastator:
I'm curious now, did you guys make the LBP song or is it someone else's? Not that that takes away any credit from you for the awesomeness I just witnessed, but I'm wondering if I should give you even more credit :P

Yup, we recorded the song. Each instrument (bass guitar, recorder, beat etc) separately then mixed together.

Hah, nice, funny stuff

meh, your acting is terrible but you make up for it with hardwork. But i mean by all means continue you might get better, which will turn this show into the greatest ever.

Lol. You people have too much free time. That LBP course was incredible.


Yu just won a lot of fans with the LPB segment. Absolute genius, miles better than last week.


I had the same reaction Graham did in the first scetch, I was like "Ohh something to intrest me on Kinect" and then it turned out to be something that was more cringe worthy then anything I've seen before on this site.
The rest of it was pretty awesome though.

LBP bit was awesome.

The kinectimals thing.. sorry, it sucked

Oh my God, that was awesome! The RL Little big planet scene was genius. I am so glad I voted for you guys, I can't wait to see what you will think up next!

This is waaaaaaaay better than last week. Kinectimals had me chuckling (even though the final window shot felt...I don't know....unnecesssary). The LBP The transition skit still feels meh, just like Cooking Mama. If it keeps getting better you just might be on to something here.

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