Jimquisition: The Best Looking Game of This Generation

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I agree with the point, but not with the choice of the game.

I would say either Okami or Skyward Sword are the best looking. Okami looks really nice, but Zelda has some more details. Both look amazing.

Also, this proves my point when I was saying that some of the best looking games in the generation are (ironically?) some Wii games. Lots of them use cel-shading to compensate for the inability of having high detailed textures.

One of the best mix of aesthetics and tech I've seen lately are from Trine 2 and The Witcher 2.

I personally believe the best looking "realistic" game nowadays is Crysis 2, simply because of the damn colors
like, despite the whole aliens and shit, the city environment of it is what I see when I leave my house, I see various colors of the trees, the houses, the cars, all that
not a gradient combination of gunmetal gray and turd brown

People already got you for not mentioning Okami, which is probably the prettiest game of all time I really did decide to buy it after only seeing a video of Amaterasu run, but also no mention of Viewitful Joe either for shame. I wonder if well ever get to a point with the market getting over saturated with bright colorful imagery and we all start complaining about how we need more grit in are graphics.

"And it's a pretty good game especially the sequel because crabs are in it"

That quote is pure gold. Loved it.

I'd like to give an honorable mention to Valkyria Chronicles. Again, it's stylistically cell-shaded, so it will actually still look good twenty years from now. It's one of the rare examples from this gen, and it does it so well.

Though how could you forget Okami from last gen?! Definitely the most gorgeous game I have ever played.

Why the fuck is there a political bullshit add for wisconsin on here? I would guess that most of the fanbase on this site is spread out and not concentrated there, I HATE POLITICS

Kinda wanna play windwaker now :S

As being a local Wiscnosinite, I can tell you that it's due to a recall election, due to our current governor being a complete dipshit. And everyone's putting ads everywhere due to it.

Gawd I love Viva, seeing that bastardos Dastardos finish off my stricken Pinatas always made me weep... although appeasing Roario with sacrafical Zimbugs and Doenuts did get abit annoying... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Man, cartoonish aesthetics rock the shizz, Game Cube and Wii games like Wind Waker and Battlion Wars had awesome style and I love seeing stuff like Valkyria Chronicles do well.

No mention of Timesplitters though Jim? Son, im dissappiont, especially coincidering 4's a no go... im going to go cry for abit...

Screw this, I'm going to go play Windwaker on my Wii this weekend.

Thank GOD for Jim...seriously; who else would have the balls to give Viva Pinata even the thinnest sliver of praise this far past the aughts? I have to agree too: It was a lot easier for me to get into Okami than to try getting into Shadow of the Colossus when I started going back and trying some PS2 classics. What about Darkness 2 Jim, isn't that one cell-shaded? It's dark but isn't it also cell-shaded.

I want to chime in for Super Stardust HD. It is one of the first games I got on the PS3, and about the only one I play anymore. Honorable mention to Outland, though its arcade mode drags before you get to the fun boss fights so I haven't got back to that one hardly at all.

Viva Piñata, filled with fun! Viva Piñata!

Man, I really liked those games... and I think I still have the first for my PC. I might have to boot it up again and play it. Maybe with my niece around. She'd love the bright colors. It's funny there are quite a few 'kiddie-looking' games that actually hold up on their own.

Also, another example that wasn't mentioned besides the beautiful Okami was Ilomilo. There's a game with it's own sense of visual style, which is only helped by it's quirky soundtrack. The game itself was... pretty good. But I really enjoyed the style of it as well.

No mention of Flower? That's a great-looking current-gen game.

Ultimately, I think Jim is confusing two separate issues. HDTV is about showing more detail. Both SDTV and HDTV have fairly similar color reproduction capabilities. Even that's over-simplifying thing, because SDTV vs. HDTV avoids the real issue of LCD vs. CRT, which is where the real differences in color reproduction are most noticeable.

There actually exist HDTV CRTs and SDTV LCDs, but most people don;t know enough about these nuances to understand the differences, therefore HDTV gets lumped in with LCD, and SDTV with CRT (with Plasma being closer to CRT, while also being HDTV).

Never played viva pinata, but I think Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 had the best graphics I have ever seen, and it had many bright colours.
(sorry I don't know how to embed the link into the post)

I think it's much easier on the eyes going back to play Genesis games rather then Saturn or PS1, for the reasons Jim made in the video. I have to agree with many here that Okami is
one of the best looking games ever, due to fantastic art style. As for shooters, I think is more likely that people will be playing TF2 for longer then COD or BF, because TF2 doesn't strive for being realistic and therefore avoids the whole uncanny valley thing.

Ever played Odin Sphere? It's the best looking game of last generation.

Nice touch with the Wind Waker music there at the end. Funny thing is, earlier today I was talking to a friend of mine about video games (as we are prone to doing) and we both agreed that Wind Waker is to us a perfect game. Some games may share that pedestal with the King of Red Lions and Company, but no game has surpassed it yet. Not to us, anyway!


Jimothy Sterling:


Jimothy Sterling:
Why do people think I am in some sort of arms race with Extra Credits?

They are intellectuals speaking on the gaming industry. So are you. Comparison is natural and inevitable, whether you like it or not. Ditto for Yahtzee.

Comparison, sure, but this idea that I'm in some sort of race with them makes no sense. You do realize this topic has no deadline, right? It's not like I entered into some Phineas Fogg style wager with Extra Credits to see who could do a graphics episode first. You're acting like I'm "late" to a discussion as if there was a sell-by date on it, which is relatively demented.

It's the internet, sadly. There's a deranged subset of people who think everyone is in as much of rush to shout FIRST!!! on any little thing as they are.

Jim is terrible at coming up with titles for his videos. He starts off by talking about Viva-Pinata and why it is so great looking and then he goes off rambling about the broader picture which is fine but the title implies that he is going to talk about a specific game. I did something like this for a history paper in my freshman year of college and got a B- because i kept going into broader topics, doing this makes your content more confusing for the viewer. A better title would have been "Graphics of today's generation" or "The element of a game that makes it look timeless" both titles are much more broad and they allow you to cover much more without sounding like a mess. This isn't the first time Jim's done this, most of the titles he comes up with sound so dumb. It's not that I hate Jim he's got some good stuff to say but his titles are rubbish. I agree with what he said in the video but most of the stuff discussed is already well known and has been previously covered by MovieBob in his Game-overthinker series and Extra-Credits.

Keep at it Jim just have someone else come up with your titles.

All of my love.

This does seem suspiciously similar to a comment I made in a thread about Epic Games where I said that Minecraft looks better than Gears of War.

Where games like Bastian, Tales of Vesperia and even Mirror's Edge will still look good in 10 years.

When the ability to render seemingly infinite polygons is commonplace in game development game developers will actually have to start putting thought into art direction. I can not wait for that day.

One of the best mix of aesthetics and tech I've seen lately are from Trine 2 and The Witcher 2.

The witcher 2 is insanely pretty, as well as being frustratingly hard at time, finally completed it today best game I've played in a while.

Rocky Horror huh? Ok I'll give you that.
Personally I would say The Nightmare Before Christmas is my personal "best looking" blu-ray.
Not only is Christmas town colourful and contrasts with Halloween Town's Black, White and Orange.
But with the HD upgrade you can also get a better feel for the textures of the puppets and really makes it pop out. I will admit though HD is a double edged sword and just makes the wires holding the bats more visible.
I'm probably biased though being a Burtonite

I think Journey's got Viva Pinata beat for awesome artistic visuals.

I couldn't agree more. Brighter is always better, in my opinion. This is why a lot of old NES titles, or even some games that started tapping into the power of the PC such as Doom, still stand up: they may be pixelated and whatnot, but bright colors are always appealing.

Also, not to get too off subject, but is XIII any good? It looks interesting, and I've always found David Duchovny to be amusing for some reason.

all fine and true but unfortunately for us pc gamers we cant really play these games like viva pinata or killer 7. but gameplay is still more important to me then graphics. im not saying im ignoring it, i do like a good looking game, but it doesnt have to be all the time colorful.

"blades of time" is visually really good looking (on the pc at least). sure not the best looking graphics out there but it is colorful (especially the jungle level and sky island), the levels dont really look the same and the gameplay works really well with M&K. never had any of these problems as mentioned in your review. made some research and it turns out that the pc version is better then the console version.

also in the assassins creed games, i always love climbing up the towers and look around because it looks just jaw dropping beautiful. all the details in the city and the clothing of the people is just astonishing.

bulletstorm also looks amazing. not as colorful of course but visually still amazing looking.

the same i can say about "dear esther". the cave level, for e.g, is just jaw dropping. the "source" engine is still my favorite engine of all time, followed by the unreal engine.

but in the end, it really depends what the game is aiming for. as long it looks good, and can create the atmosphere it should, its already a success to me. it doesnt have to be colorful to look amazing.
yes, XIII is a good game, loved it my self but i dont need every game looking like this.

I'm actually surprised he didn't pick Journey as the best looking game. I really can't think of any other games that have better visual presentation.

Fortunately fighting games haven't given up color. Even Mortal Kombat has a bigger color palette than most fps games. So... everyone play fighting games and look at the pretty colors and polished graphics.

Jimothy Sterling:
Why do people think I am in some sort of arms race with Extra Credits?

We cover similar topics. Overlap is inevitable, and I don't really watch their show regularly so I don't know what they cover. In any case, just because one series may have touched on a topic that doesn't automatically disqualify every other series in the world from covering it too.

Seriously, this whole, "oh mah gawd Extra Credits did this" thing is just ... weird.

It's like the "Simpsons Did It" episode of South Park.

So, I kinda of agree, I guess, but also kind of disagree.

I definitely think that Wind Waker looked amazing back then and a better looking Zelda game didn't come out until Skyward Sword, but for a lot of it... for example, I think that the original Halo looked better than Viva Pinata. But that's 100% a matter of personal aesthetic taste. Have you checked out Combat Evolved Anniversary? You might like that. Much more vibrant, colorful, and varied.

I'll always remember the original moment Battlefield 3 blew my mind, but games that look good for just being "colorful" aren't really a big blip on my radar. Guess I've gotten kinda technical when rating graphics lately, though. Probably part of it.

I'm surprised that when you were talking about cel shading that TF2 didn't get a mention. Granted, it's still technically part of this generation of gaming, but it's actually older than I care to think about, especially in a media where chances are anything you buy will have been made obsolete by new advances within two months of you buying it.

On a related note, there needs to be more multiplayer shooters where the environments are mostly browns and grays (and some yellows), while the characters and objective points are much more vibrant colors like bright red or blue. My one big complaint about shooters as someone who isn't very good at them is that in most games I die more often because I literally can't FIND my opponent against the backdrop. (It's the main reason why I don't snipe in shooters. That and because sniping is for jerks who like contributing next to nothing in objective-based gameplay and feed on the rage of their opponents.)

Meh. The best graphics this generation (and also, like EVER) are in the Assassin's Creed series. They're realistic, colorful (AC II and up), beautiful, stylish and immersive, all at the same time.

And frankly Crysis isn't too shabby either.

And if we are to target only the artistic style, well, there's Prince of Persia 20008 which is simply friggin' gorgeous.

Why the fuck is there a political bullshit add for wisconsin on here? I would guess that most of the fanbase on this site is spread out and not concentrated there, I HATE POLITICS

Kinda wanna play windwaker now :S

Blame Tyler Perry's obsession with Gov. Walker.

Oh, COME ON Jim. You may not be the sharpest knife in the draw, but normally you aren't beaten to what you're saying by extra credits by *this* much. http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/graphics-vs.-aesthetics

See that? Season 2, episode 16. Over 50 weeks ago. 50 weeks! Almost a year. Ab-surd. *sigh* Oh well. Guess the actual content wasn't bad though. Even if extra credits did do it better.

EDIT: look at this! Yahtzee managed this in 2009 http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/columns/extra-punctuation/6372-The-Conduit

Not saying Jim's point isn't relevant, but this really is leaving it late.

I'm getting bad flashbacks from my tgwtg.com days from reading that

Awww. Jim you missed the perfect opportunity at the end of the video to give a velociraptor screech.

I do have 1000G/1000G on the first Viva Piñata ^_^

What about Crysis 2? I thought everyone agreed it was (or at least was close to) the best looking game on consoles this generation, and it's pretty damn colourful.

Also the technology and power of PC gaming rigs means games like The Witcher 2 or StarCraft 2 on max settings are mega-colourful while the console version has less dynamic lighting and shading and is subsequently a bit bleaker. I was just wondering why PC games weren't even mentioned.

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