180: One Button, One Scotch, One Beer

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When I get drunk around video games we usually end up playing either Smash (Melee) or Skate. I've played those games so much I can play them... well, I can play them when I'm really drunk.

isnt it obvious that when you are drunk you cant play a videogame well???

Can't say I agree with most ppl on Guitar Hero being bad while drunk. I play that game best at 3am after having consumed a box of beer/bottle of scotch. However drinking while playing other games isn't so great because I find I zone into the game and then by the time I remember I've got a drink it's warm.

I find it hard to speak in a serious manner about alcohol.But it certainly helps.I still have the great time when i have with the company to drink wine.

I have to say that the perfect game to play drunk is Time Crisis. Just point and shoot.

Best video game ever for drinking: Warioware. You don't need an IQ to play that sober, let alone drunk.

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