Electronic Arts Repeats as "Worst Company in America"

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I can understand the hatred at EA, and the recent fiasco that was SimCity certainly didn't help their case in this vote, but we also need to realize that EA really doesn't affect those who don't play their games. If you get ripped off by EA, you're partially to blame for letting them do that to you. Sure, that doesn't justify why they pursue it in the first place, but saying they are worse than companies that have affected the lives of millions of people who didn't even use their service in the first place is taking this EA hate way too far.

Bank of America deserves a lot of blame for the recession, which affected millions of lives regardless of which bank you happen to use. Most people I know who suffered most from the recession never used Bank of America, but they were still affected by its practices in a much more serious way than their entertainment.

BP is partially to blame for their oil spill in the Gulf, essentially damaging a wonderful ecosystem. You can also imagine the economic impact that would have, and the Gulf States are still trying to convince people to come down and enjoy it regardless of what happened as a result of the spill.

EA...charges too much for mediocre entertainment that you can figure out is bad before you even buy it and doesn't affect you if you don't purchase it...Yeah, pure evil right here!

If you look at it from a broad view compared to other companies, EA isn't that evil. But as some others have stated in videos, its the sheer amount of BS that EA has thrown at our lap. And their answer to all that is that it's the consumers fault. Sure McD is bad and so is BoA, but they have been noticed and punished and more or less "fixed"....in their own way. When EA is caught doing something to stupid to the costumer...what do they do? They do something else stupid.

EA, fundamentally, is run by profit driven CEOs hired from anywhere and everywhere besides the gaming industry. There are ten million other point that destroy their reputation as a game business, or, laughably, 'electronic artists,' but this was most important to me. It holds them back from actually making the games they have the potential to make and actually holds back gaming as a medium. Anything that holds back any art form deserves this kind of PR. Roll of the three-time victors EA for 2014

Throw me in the camp with many others who think EA is hardly the worst company around these days. Either Ticketmaster of BoA should beat them, though given the hilarious response their marketing guy put out when they made it to the finals, maybe it's a little justified.

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