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Gaming Uber Alles, Year Three


Three years of Escaping. Can you believe it? Happy birthday to us! And by us, I mean all of you, too.

Year three has been huge/exciting/crazy/expansive; it’s really hard to narrow it down to a few words, actually. We’ve added videos. We’re doing reviews. We have some fancy user profiles. We have an even larger community – but it’s still the best. We’ve done a couple cool community events (March Mayhem, Film Festival) and have more up our sleeves. And today, as a birthday present to ourselves and you, Dear Readers, we’re adding a comic, Stolen Pixels, to the mix. We hope you like it; we think you will.

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Learning each other, figuring out what you like, what you want to read, watch and learn. Letting you into our worlds and into the worlds of the people in this bizarre and fascinating industry. Building that relationship and dialogue together with different types of experiences and mediums wherein we can explore, laugh at and understand the subject in which we’re all interested: games.

We look forward to the coming year, and those after that. We have some plans for this year. We look forward to seeing what games have in store for us. We look forward to sharing those things with you, the joy of a fabulous game or the deep frustration of our favorite game studio closing. These things all feel just a little flat in a vacuum – the shared experience makes them richer. We hope over the coming years, through all the huge/exciting/crazy/expansive times I’m sure are in store, you’ll continue to pop by and share your experiences with us.

Happy birthday, Escapists!

Julianne Greer

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