Halo: Reach third-person mod Master Chief Collection

A new mod is showing players what it’s like to play Halo: Master Chief Collection‘s Halo: Reach in third-person.

Shared on YouTube by PC Gaming Videos, the mod created by AkFumbles is at times convincing enough to look like an official addition to the Master Chief Collection on PC. Check out a clip of third-person Halo: Reach in action.

All things considered, Halo: Reach looks like a fun time in third-person. It would be nice if 343 Industries or Microsoft catches wind of this new perspective and decides to include this mod as an option in a future title. Who wouldn’t want an official third-person Halo experience?

Unfortunately, zooming in with scopes doesn’t work, so the mod has room for improvement. That said, for what you get the download is at least worth trying out. If you’d like to take a swing at third-person Halo: Reach, you can download the mod on the Nexus Mods website.

In other Halo news, 343 Industries has been seeing some staffing shakeups in the last few months. In October, Halo Infinite’s lead producer left the studio, and in August, the game’s creative director also left. Halo Infinite will release in the holiday season 2020 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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