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Hogwarts Legacy Switch Version Delayed a Few More Months

Warner Bros Games, Avalanche Software, and Portkey Games delayed the Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch release date to November 14, 2023.

Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software have ripped off the Band-Aid and announced that Hogwarts Legacy is delayed on Nintendo Switch, setting a new release date of November 14, 2023. Previously, the game was supposed to launch on Switch on July 25, making this a delay of almost four months. Meanwhile, Hogwarts Legacy originally launched on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC this past February, and it launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One one week ago.

About the Switch release date delay, the Hogwarts Legacy developers simply said, “We know fans are looking forward to playing on Switch(;) therefore creating the best possible experience is our top priority. Thank you for your patience.”

This really isn’t surprising at all, since it’s unclear to this point if we’ve ever seen Hogwarts Legacy physically running on Nintendo Switch hardware in the first place. The game will definitely have to make technical concessions to its graphics in order to run on the aging Switch, the same as with titles like The Witcher 3. This is not a cloud release, after all. Still, a delay is infinitely preferable to what 2K and Firaxis Games did recently when they canceled Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Switch completely and unceremoniously.

Elsewhere in the world of Harry Potter games, Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is in the works at a separate developer as an online multiplayer “sports” game.

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