Sony Guerrilla Games Horizon Zero Dawn remake remaster PS5 multiplayer game report reportedly in development with Forbidden West addition

Horizon Zero Dawn Remake / Remaster & Multiplayer Game Reportedly in Development

We may potentially have another The Last of Us Part I situation on our hands here, as MP1st reports via sources that Sony and Guerrilla Games have a remaster or remake of Horizon Zero Dawn in development for PlayStation 5, in addition to a separate Horizon multiplayer game. No release window has been noted for either of these reported projects.

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The Horizon Zero Dawn remaster / remake allegedly includes an improved lighting system with ambient occlusion, overhauled textures and animations, and new character models matching those of sequel Horizon Forbidden West. Additionally, there will reportedly be a variety of new accessibility options and graphics modes, including an uncapped performance option to “take advantage of” variable refresh rate. Actual gameplay changes sound few in number and meant to inject quality-of-life improvements from Forbidden West.

Meanwhile, Guerrilla is allegedly developing an online multiplayer Horizon game for PS5 and PC. It may potentially include co-op and customization based around the existing tribes of the game world, but MP1st is uncertain about these details.

Horizon Zero Dawn originally released for PlayStation 4 in February 2017, and it’s frankly still a beautiful game to behold today, creating another situation where people may question if a remaster or remake is “necessary.” Of course, the answer to any such question is that it doesn’t matter if it’s “necessary” — it only matters if people will buy it. And if this report is accurate, Sony and Guerrilla Games must believe the game will indeed sell.

In the interim, Horizon Call of Mountain is headed to PSVR 2, and a huge multiplayer The Last of Us game is expected to be revealed in full sooner rather than later.

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