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How to Recruit Barrett in Starfield

Barrett in Starfield. Here's how to recruit him.

Starfield’s Barrett is the whole reason you get to fly around in a cool ship. After he gave you his vessel on Vectera, Barrett stuck around the planet so that his robotic pal, Vasco, could take you to join up with Constellation. But if you’ve been wondering how to make a reunion happen, here’s how to recruit Barrett in Starfield.

When and How You Can Recruit Barrett in Starfield

One of Starfield’s early-game main quests is “Back to Vectera.” This sees you returning to the  mining planet where you started and also gives you the chance to recruit Lin and Heller, your former boss and former workmate, respectively. The third part of the quest sees you tracking down Barrett in Crimson Fleet base, following his second transmission.

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Once you arrive in the system, chances are you’ll have a couple of enemy ships to deal with. After taking them out, land and head to the base. While you can blast away at the Crimson Fleet pirates outside, it’s easier to just make a bee-line for the door and enter the building. You’ll soon find Barrett and his Crimson Fleet kidnapper.

Your choice is to persuade, pay off, or just attack the pirate leader. I chose persuade and left there peacefully, with Barrett in tow. You’ll then have to return to Constellation’s base, The Lodge, back on New Atlantis. After Barrett chats with his friends, you can engage him in conversation and ask him to join you.

His skills are as follows:

  • Starship Engineering – four stars
  • Particle Beam Weapons Systems – three stars
  • Robotics – two stars
  • Gastronomy – one star

Those first two will bolster whatever vessel you’re riding about in, so you should ideally assign Barrett to your vessel rather than having him follow you around. And that’s how you recruit Barrett in Starfield.

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