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How to Recruit Lin in Starfield

Lin in Starfield. Here's how to recruit her.

Lin is the first face you see in Starfield, and though you part ways almost immediately, you have the chance to reunite with her and make her a part of your crew. So if you want a familiar face aboard your starship, here’s how to recruit Lin in Starfield, and just what she can do for your team.

When and Where You Can Recruit Lin in Starfield

To recruit Lin in Starfield, you need to have progressed through the main Constellation quest line till you reach the “Back to Vectera mission” (it’s one of the earlier ones). It turns out that the pirates came back to Vectera and kidnapped Barrett and Heller. But you don’t need to rescue them in order to recruit Lin.

Go back to Vectera, which is in the Narion System, and land at the Mining Base. Speak to Lin, then head into the mining base. You’ll need to access the office with the computer in it, either by digipicking it or finding the key card. Then, go inside and attempt to use it. You’ll discover you need three power cells.

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Two can be found inside the building and the rest are outside. I pinched my third one from a deactivated robot. The quest markers will show you where they are so there’s no need to hunt high and low. Then, insert the cells and get and listen to Barrett’s message.

Return to Lin and she’ll help you find where Heller and Barrett have gone. Speak to Lin, and she’ll talk about joining you. For me, there didn’t seem to be an option to actually recruit her from that menu. What I did was exit the conversation and speak to her again. This caused a new option to recruit her to appear.

Lin then joins your crew, and you can head off to rescue Heller and Barrett. Or if you’re not in a hurry to progress Starfield’s main quest, though you should be, just take Lin with you on your space adventures. Her skills are as follows:

  • Demolitions – one star
  • Outpost Management – three stars

Her Outpost Management skill will let you assign extra crew to an outpost, so I’d recommend you put her in one rather than bring her on your adventures. It does mean taking her off one rock and stranding on her another, but if you’re okay with that go right ahead.

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