Heller in Starfield. Here's how to recruit him.

How to Recruit Heller in Starfield

Before you even create your character in Starfield, you meet Heller. Although you leave him behind, if you follow the main quest, which we recommend you do sooner rather than later, you can get him to join your crew. So if you want to know how to recruit Heller in Starfield, here’s the answer.

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How and When to Recruit Heller in Starfield

Once you’ve completed a couple of missions for Constellation, you’ll be presented with a trio of new ones to tackle. It’s up to you which order you complete them in, but one of those is “Back to Vectera,” which sees you going back to the place you discovered the artifact at the start of Starfield. Once you’ve completed the first part of this quest, you’ll be sent to another solar system, where you’ll find Heller, laying near a crash.

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He has information you need to find Barrett, the Constellation member who gave you your first ship, the Frontier, but before you leave, you have the option to take him with you. Unlike many other companions in the game, you don’t have to pay Heller anything to come with you, though he’s not exactly the best person to have following you around anyway. His skills are as follows:

  • Outpost Engineering – three stars
  • Geology – one star

Like Lin, who is also recruitable on Vectera, Heller is best assigned to an outpost, maybe even the same outpost as her. In the end, Heller isn’t really worth putting on your ship, since he doesn’t have any skills that help you out there, and there are better crew mates with combat skills that are good for when you’re on the ground. Luckily, Heller’s primary skill will give your outpost research a boost. And that’s how to recruit Heller in Starfield.

If you’re looking for who else to recruit, check out our guide to getting Starfield’s Rosie Tannehill, who is a talented doctor, on your crew.

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