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How to Recruit Mickey Caviar in Starfield


Do you need a washed-up celebrity chef on your Starfield crew? Probably not. But Bethesda Game Studios’ action/RPG still gives you the option in the form of Mickey Caviar. And if you’re wondering how to recruit Mickey in Starfield, here’s the answer.

Here’s Where to Find Mickey Caviar in Starfield and How to Recruit Him

Mickey Caviar is an out of work, arrogant celebrity chef who you can find in a club on Neon. Unfortunately he’s more sleazy than shouty, so if you were hoping he’d be Starfield‘s Gordon Ramsey, you’re out of luck. That said, he’s not completely useless. He has the following set of skills:

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  • Gastronomy – one star
  • Wellness – two stars
  • Incapacitation – one star

Incapacitation boosts damage from energy weapons, while Wellness is a health-boosting skill. As for Gastronomy? With Mickey around, you can craft specialist food items and research extra recipes. Although he’s not the most combat-oriented companion you can get in Starfield, is relatively balanced skill set does make him useful in some situations.

To actually recruit Mickey, you’ll have to pay him. He’ll ask you for 13,500 credits, which isn’t the highest amount any companion asks for. You can also use your Persuasion skill and lower his asking price that way.

It’s up to you as to whether it’s actually worth bothering with Mickey. There’s nothing that really makes him an essential or hugely valuable companion. There are certainly better options out there. Sam Coe, for example, is one of the better combat-oriented companions in Starfield, while Rosie Tanehill has a higher level Wellness skill and so boosts your health more. But if you do want him on your crew, that’s how to recruit Mickey in Starfield.

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