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All Starfield Factions Explained

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Bethesda games often have several factions in them that you can join and align yourself with. Just like the Brotherhood of Steel or the Railroad factions from Fallout 4, factions are featured in Starfield as well. There are a whole bunch that you can join and complete missions for. Here’s all of the factions in Starfield explained so you can know what they’re about and understand what’s waiting for you in this epic space adventure!

All Factions in Starfield

Who Are the Constellation?

Constellation will be your first faction encounter. They are the main story-focused faction and drive most of the story quests. Working with this faction will be a given on your Starfield playthrough. They’re a curious bunch located in a stylish HQ in New Atlantis called The Lodge. They’re explorers and are currently focused on chasing some mysterious artifacts across the galaxy. You’ll be able to obtain several companions from this main faction as well to accompany you.

Who Are the United Colonies?

This faction contains the remnants of Earth who fled a dying planet and found a new home in New Atlantis. From this new base of operations the United Colonies operate and grow their influence. This faction can be joined in New Atlantis. They’ll provide you with a ton of side missions you can complete for various rewards. This is also one of the factions tried to a trait. Taking the “United Colonies Native” trait during character creation will open up additional dialogue, quests, and rewards with this faction.

Who Are the Freestar Collective?

While the United Colonies makes up majority of the those from Earth, not everyone agreed with the doctrines the United Colonies government put in place. The Freestar Collective are a faction that sought to break away from the United Colonies in favor of greater freedom and independence. There was a point where The Freestar Collective actually fought a war with The United Colonies to be able to break away. They won that war and now have their own established territories across the galaxy. Their main HQ is located in Akila City. This faction, like the United Colonies, provides their own series of side quests and rewards. They also have a starting trait you can take with “Freestar Collective Settler.” This provides the same benefits as “United Colonies Native,” but with the Freestar Collective instead.

Who Are Ryujin Industries?

Ryujin is a giant conglomerate of corporations. They’re all about brands, companies and profits. They operate from the planet Neon, a shady city with a violent, crime filled underbelly. Joining this faction will have you taking on side quests for the conglomerate that will quickly become wrapped up in shady dealings and conspiracies. You can take the trait “Neon Street Rat” at character creation for additional dialogue, missions and rewards on Neon.

Who Are the Xenofresh Corporation?

This group is the other faction residing on Neon alongside Ryujin. While Ryujin is more of a mega corporation focused on business dealings. Xenofresh is unashamedly embedded in the Neon underbelly. They’re all about drugs, money, and good times.

Who Are the House of the Enlightened?

This is a religious faction that do not believe in a higher power. Rather they dedicate themselves to helping those in need. This faction is more like a charity seeking to help those need, rather than a full religious faction. Taking the “Raised Enlightened” trait will net you additional dialogue and rewards with this group.

Who Are the Sanctum Universum?

This is a highly religious group that extend from the religious beliefs of Earth. They strongly believe there is a one true God watching over them and that having to leave Earth was part of Gods plan. “Raised Universal” is the starting trait that nets you additional dialogue and rewards with this group.

Who Are The Va’ruun?

This is one wacky religious group. Unlike the other two, they very much keep to themselves and prefer to live and operate in space. They believe in a giant serpent they refer to as the Great Serpent, who they believe will destroy all those who do not worship it. Unlike the other two religious factions, the starter trait related to this group, “Serpent’s Embrace,” doesn’t provide benefits with the group. Rather, it grants a stat bonus after Grav Jumping and a debuff when not Grav Jumping frequently enough.

Who are the Crimson Fleet, Spacers, Ecliptic and The First?

The Crimson Fleet is the biggest faction of space pirates around. You’ll run into these thugs and mercenaries a lot during your time exploring Starfield. You’ll mostly be fighting them, but there is a mission you can get through the United Colonies faction that will allow you to join the Crimson Fleet. The Spacers, Ecliptic, and The First are other hostile mercenary groups you’ll encounter along your travels. Whether they’re camping out at abandoned outposts or simply waiting to ambush ships jumping into their territory, you’ll be fighting plenty of these mercs.

Those are all the major factions and groups in Starfield. There are other smaller groups you’ll encounter out in the universe on side missions as well. This is a massive game with a huge wealth on content to explore, factions to interact with and people to meet!

If you’re interested in more Starfield lore, you can find out what happened to Earth here.

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